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Just a lot of movement slides.
part 3.

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A lever type magic lantern slide showing two women in front of a bath carriage that brought them to the edge of the sea. The women are both fully dressed in vintage bath suits. When the lever is moved up and down the young girl jumps in the water while the elder woman is holding her hands.


Hand painted slipping slide. When the glass is first operated the boys eyes move from side to side. When the glass is fully operated we see the boy putting his finger in the pie.
The mahogany frame measures 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).



Bengal tiger.  A wooden framed magic lantern slipping slide. 7 x 4 inches. Depicts a tiger that rolls his eyes ferociously. Hand painted.


Funny single slipping slide. Dumb pupil who is struggling with arithmetic. 2 + 1 = 4, isn't it?

SPQR is short for the Latin phrase Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (The Senate and People of Rome), referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic.
Rare mechanical slipping slide that changes heads. Two Roman people, maybe Julius Caesar and one of his wifes, change into donkeys during their diner.


Two single slipping slides from the same manufacturer. The first one features a boy pushing a lady on a sledge across a frozen lake and then falling over on the ice; the second one features a policeman falling down an open manhole while chasing a robber.
A maker's mark for Thompson of Liverpool is pressed into the wooden frame that measures 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).

Les Danseurs de Corde. (The Cord Dancers).

Double slipping slide from around 1880. The frame is made of mahogany. The glass slides are fixed in a brass frame. It is hand painted and represents a couple of dancers (the label says : Les danseurs de Corde) juggling on a cord. When a music player disturbs the peace they lapse concentration and both fall down! The frame measures 11.4 by 4.3 inches (29 cm x 11 cm).
Probably it is French made.



Measures 18 x 10 cm.


Disc full of creepy creatures that was used in a similar magic lantern slide.
This single rackwork mechanical slide shows a wizard casting a spell over his cauldron while in the smoke appears a series of ten images: a snake, bats, witch on broom, skeleton, devil, dragon, phoenix, lion, ghost, imps. Operated by means of crank and wooden handle.
Glass is held in by pins that twist into place so the glass can be removed and swapped for other images.


Münchener Wettrennen (Horserace in Münch). The horses and their riders are painted on an movable sheet of glass that is pushed through the frame behind the fixed sheet with the spectators.


'Exploding Barrel'.
Single slipping slide.

Burg Yestra (England).
Superb single slipping slide from c. 1880.

The frame is made of mahogany. The moving glass slide is hand painted and has to be shifted slowly behind the fixed glass that is depicting Burg Yestra. It represents 13 persons and a dog who are ice-skating at he pond in front of the castle. The label is inscribed in French. All measure 14.2 by 4.3 inches (or 36 cm x 11 cm).



A superb antique magic lantern slipping slide from 1880.

The frame is made of mahogany. The movable glass slide is fixed in a brass frame. It's hand painted and represents a smiling-crying clown. All measures 9.9 by 4.3 inches (25 cm x 11 cm).

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