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Just a lot of movement slides.
part 12.

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"Mr. Punch and His Little Dog Toby", Single slipping slide in a wooden frame. The centre measures 7.5 x 7.5 cm. The wooden frame measures 10 x 18 cm. c.1880s.

Mechanical magic lantern slide. Rotating the handle shows this man with six different heads.

Some simple, but amusing single slipping slides in a wooden frame.

Two wood mounted lever slides. Lady Equestrian on a bucking horse.....

.... and a little girl blowing bubbles.
Dream of Witches.
A wonderful single slipping slide consisting of a fixed glass plate in a mahogany frame with the image of a sleeping girl in the forest, and a long glass plate that slides through the frame with the image of a group of colourful witches on their flying broomstick. Together they show the girl's dream: the witches that fly through the forest.
The slide is made by W.C. Hughes, Brewster House, 82 Mortimer Rd. Kingsland Road. London. Label with name and address in one of the corners of the slide. Dimensions of the frame 26 cm x 11.5 cm.

Man swinging fire pit. Single lever slide with a striking moving glass.
Single slipping slide showing a conductor that hits the beat when the moving glass is slid back and forth.

Size: c. 18 x 10 cm.

See also: There's Music in the Air!

Bear Hunting.
Interesting double slipping slide featuring a polar bear hunting scene.
This mechanical magic lantern slide consists of three parts: a fixed glass with an image of a polar landscape embedded in a wooden frame, and on both sides of this glass an elongated moving glass with the images of the hunters and the bears. Of course the above animation only gives only a slight impression of the way in which this slide should be shown. An exciting story can be built up by slowly shifting the right glass plates at the right time.
Two very special kinds of moving slides are
The Dissolving View and the Effect Slide.

There is a small but important distinction of definition between dissolving views and effect slides. Dissolving views, as the name implies, dissolve into each other. They overlap each other completely.

Effect slides however superimpose a special effect over a scene. Popular effects include rainbows, dreams and visions, fires, and angelic or ghostly apparitions.

Well-known effect slide sets are 'A soldiers dream' (see below) were a wounded soldier at the front is dreaming of his beloved family at home, and 'Tower of London on Fire'. Also some Life Model slide sets make use of those effects. When Jane Conquest is praying for strength and inspiration, an angel appears in her cottage room. The two or more slides that we use for such an effect are quite different. We distinguish a slide with the scene, e.g. the small house of Jane, and the slide with the object that has to be superimposed, in this case the angel.
Two magic lanterns or a biunial were required to obtain a true dissolving view effect by one scene to be gradually faded out, while at the same time another was gradually faded in.

Mostly the images were related, like a daytime scene changing into the identical scene at night. Another popular dissolving view subject was the changing of the seasons, with sometimes further enhancements like the addition of falling snow from a snow-effect slide.
Of course dissolving views required a lot of dexterity of the lanternist. The lenses of the multiple lanterns had to be inclined slightly relative to each other so that the images coincided on the screen. Aligning lenses was best achieved by the projection of special registration slides.

More about Dissolving Views.

By moving the slipping glass the colour of the environment changes while a small boat with passengers passes. Length: 28,5 cm!


A Soldiers Dream. The complete set consists of six glass slides mounted in a wooden frame, one slide showing the soldier sleeping and five slides of his dream. Approx size of wooden frame 18 cm x 10 cm.

Dissolving view technique (see above) also allowed such effects as a dream or vision inset into a scene. One popular example of such a set was 'The Soldiers Dream': a soldier lies on the battlefield, while changing scenes of memories of home appear above his head.

Large format single slipping slide. More than 28 cm long! The image shows the Egyptian pyramids and a Sphinx with in the foreground a group of travellers on camels, preceded by a guide on foot. The back of the lantern slide shows how a loose glass with the procession of the camels on it is pushed behind the fixed plate with the pyramids and Sphinx.

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