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An attractive  moving Magic Lantern slide in a mahogany frame, 7 inches by 4 inches (18 x 10 cm).
It features a group of children watching a Punch and Judy show. When the sliding glass is moved, the smoking man is revealed.

Punch and Judy are the hero and heroine of a comical puppet show which originated in the wandering Italian Commedia dell' Arte troupes of the 14th century. Pulcinella, a hook-nosed, cowardly buffoon, was a popular character in the comic plays of these actors. The comedy spread to France and England in the 17th century. There the Pulcinella character merged with British glove puppet traditions to become Punchinello, or Mr. Punch.

At the end of the 18th century, lots of local puppet heroes displaced the descendants of Pulcinella throughout Europe. In France it was Guignol, in Germany Kasperl, in the Netherlands Jan Klaassen, in Spain Christovita, in Romania Valicke and so on. Punch acquired a wife, Judy (originally known as Joan); the Dutch call her Katrijn.

All these characters are glove puppets; many speak through a squeaker in the mouth of the performer that gives a piercing and inhuman timbre to their voices.
Punch: "Do you want to hear a story?"
Children: "Yeah!"
Punch: "I said: Do-you-want-to-hear-a-story?"

Children: "Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!"
Punch: "I can't hear you! I said: DO YOU WANT TO HEAR A STORY?!!!!"
A complete set of 12 Magic Lantern slides featuring the Punch and Judy story. Standard size 3¼ inch square (8.3 cm). The same series is also produced as a set of four glass strips, each measuring 15.3 cm by 4.5 cm with three pictures on each strip.

Left the original box, containing 12 superior English made Lantern Slides 3¼" x 3¼". Right the accompanying reading.
Two long magic lantern slides from a set of three, showing the same images.
One slide from another set of four long magic lantern slides, each containing three pictures.

Two large Punch and Judy magic lantern slides, British, c. 1860.
These wooden framed glass magic lantern slides measure 12 by 3 inches (30.5 x 8 cm) and are hand painted.
Marvellous hand-painted magic lantern slide depicting a man with a drum attracting attention to his Punch-and-Judy show.

A rare hand painted slide in a mahogany frame measuring 7" by 5 ½ " (18 x 14 cm), c. 1860.
The slide is entitled 'Punch'.

This British glass mechanic magic lantern slide measures 7 by 4  inches (18 x 10 cm). Mr Punch's nose grows as you pull the slipping glass.
Right: A projection of this humorous slide on the cover of a catalogue of the Museum of Cinema in Girona, Spain, edited in 1998. The booklet measures 8 1/2" x 10" (21 x 25 cm), 24 pages.

The moving lantern slide on which the nose of Mr. Punch becomes longer knows many different versions. Sometimes his pipe-smoking dog Toby appears at the end, sometimes his family members, sometimes some fellow players and sometimes nothing at all.
More moving magic lanternslides.
A wonderful vintage pair of dissolving views marked '52- JOY' and '52-b SORROW', c. 1880.
Great views of a little girl with a nice Punch puppet, and a Punch puppet with his nose broken! 
Each wooden frame measures 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).


Single lever slide showing a scene of a Punch-and-Judy show. Slide is mounted in a wooden frame and size is c. 18 x 10 cm. 

Judy rocks the baby up and down.

Two hand painted mechanical slipping slides depicting the same 'hilarious' theme: Punch maltreating a policeman by battering the poor man on his nose. Both slides are mounted in a wooden frame measuring 5 x 3 (13 x 8 cm) inches.

Beware of pickpockets! Don't let distract you by the fascinating Punch and Judy Show. Single slipping slide in a wooden frame.
Comical slipping slide in a mahogany frame, 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm). The joke is based on the double meaning of the name Punch (Mr Punch + drink composed of sugar, spice and fruit, usually mixed with wine and drunk hot or cold).
Hand painted slipping slide in a wooden frame. The slide measures 7" wide by 4" high (18 x 10 cm).


Sliding glass plate in a tinplate frame, 4 cm x 12.8 cm, diameter of the picture 2.9 cm. One of a set of 24, made by Ernst Plank (E.P.). This is nr 6, 'Das überraschte Blumenmädchen' (c. 1900).

In the first position you can see a girl with a basket full of flowers, in the second position suddenly Punch appears in the place of the flowers.

Another moving picture in a tin frame showing an inquisitive Punch opening a box that contains a strange monstrous bird. The gold coloured frame is decorated with the distinctive E.P.-pattern of checks, points and stars.

Mahogany framed mechanical magic lantern slide measuring 7 inch x 4 inch (18 x 10 cm) with brass lever handle depicting Punch & Judy with a skipping dog.

Punch, together with some other figures of the Italian Commedia dell' Arte troupes of the 14th century.
This very fine slide measures 8 ins x nearly 2 1/2 ins (c. 20 x 6 cm).
Four 'life model slides' of a much larger set. A strange story. We see a Punchinella Show that belongs to the Osmond Bros. On the verge of the road lies a man with a drum and a large chest, maybe one of the brothers who had to look after the sound effects. Another man, probably the puppeteer and the other Osmond, takes care of him. Is his brother wounded? Is he ill? I should say yes, for the puppeteer grasps at his iPhone *) to call for aid and assistance.
After that he tries to settle his poor brother.
Someone turned around the puppet play. Someone stole the drum. Who? We'll never know.
Detail of the puppet play banner:

Can Be Engaged With Their
...... unreadable text .....

*)   Joke.
'Fallen by the Way'

(above)  One slide of a set that shows a similar scene. The fallen wooden frame of perhaps a puppet show is just visible at the left.

Single slipping magic lantern slide showing the offspring of Punch and Judy. This glass magic lantern slide measures 18 x 10 cm.

Long hand painted magic lantern slide depicting a Punch and Judy show. The owner of the theater collects the entrance fee from the incoming public.

Two slides depicting real Punch and Judy shows presented by Professor Smith at a sunny beach (left) and at South End-on Sea, Essex. (right).

A set of magic lantern slides about Guignol, the French version of Punch, or Jan Klaassen (Dutch).

No manufacturer known.

Punch in battle with the devil.
That's all folks!!!
Motto slide of Punch wishing a 'Good Night' to the audience at the end of the show. Double slipping slide. The scroll unrolls with one movement; Punch's eyes move with the other movement. Dimensions 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).

More Motto slides.
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