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Just a lot of movement slides.
part 10.

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This single slipping magic lantern slide was hand painted and mounted in a wooden frame. When fully closed we can see a woman sitting by her fire with her bellows on the knees and when the glass sheet is pulled a man appears behind her while his reflection is shown in the mirror above the fire. The wooden frame is approx 7 inches by 4 inches (18 x 10 cm).

A double slipping magic lantern slide that shows a thief walking with the swag over a churchyard. Slipping the first glass let a donkey suddenly appear in front of the rascal, when you pull the second glass the thief is scared, drops the swag and runs away.

Single slipping slide.
When the slide is slipped the man on the right grows a long Pinocchio nose, and the man on the left looses his thick long nose. And vice versa.


Spring and Fall. Single slipping slide in wooden frame, size 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).

Single slipping slide. The moving glass is mounted in a brass frame and is controlled by a brass handle.
A lot of skilled colleagues of this juggling clown are performing their feats everyday in the famous
Circus Luikerwalo.

As the lever is moved, the ship appears to role on the waves, revealing the moon behind its sails.

Very nice example of a vintage mechanical slide.
Wooden frame is c. 18 x 10 cm and the glass is 7.5 cm in diameter.

Made by Carpenter & Westley, 24 Regent Street London and marked so on the wooden frame.

Dancing woman. Single slipping slide made by McAllister, New York.

Long man and short man dancing together. Double slipping slide.

Single slipping slide showing two chickens.


Three soldiers loose their head by one well aimed canon ball. Single slipping slide from McAllister, optician, New York.

Single lever hand painted magic lantern slides depicting a man cleaning his shoes.

According to the stamp on the wooden frame the slide has been made in Great Brittan for McAllister, optician, New York.

Moving the brass handle up and down moves his arm and performs the cleaning operation. The slides measure 7" x 4" (c. 18 x 10 cm).

Rare and very special mechanical magic lantern slide operated by a crank.

By turning the crank a wooden frame containing a rectangular glass strip with images is transported, making the pictures on the glass strip in turn become visible in a cut out window. In addition to the glass strip on the photos (a man battling a fish) 6 extra strips were included.

This special mechanical magic lantern slide has been sold on Ebay at the price of no less than US$ 4,094; GPB 3,200; 3,470 euro.

What is this? A mechanical slide for a magic lantern or a stand-alone toy which can be viewed by holding it to the light? It consists of two disks of glass; one with a man with a blank face and the other with 12 different face expressions painted on it. You can turn the wooden knob in the middle of the last disc to change the faces.

Single lever slide.
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