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Just a lot of movement slides.
part 7.

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This lovely mechanical magic lantern slide is operated by means of a handle. On turning the handle the rackwork rim on the moving glass is driven round by the pinion causing the glass with the sails to rotate.

The wooden frame measures c.17.5 x 11 cm.


One of the for little children most impressive moving magic lantern slide is without any doubt the schoolmaster with his cane and frightful rolling eyes.

This so called Motto slide was brought into action when a group of children was too mischievous during a magic lantern show.

Single slipping slide in a wooden frame. c. 17.5 x 10.5 cm.

This very special silhouette slide depicts a schoolmaster caning a pupil.

20 x 11.5 cms approx.
It is operated by means of two levers hidden within a slide up piece of attached wood. One moves the teachers arm and the cane, the other the child's leg.

Double slipping slide showing three Performing Acrobats (title on the label at the side of the wooden frame).

Have a look at much more circus artists in Circus Luikerwalo.


Mahogany framed hand-painted single slipping slide showing a man training a bear.

Man and Bear.

Right: Jester juggling his head. Sizes: 4 x 7 inches. Maker unknown.



A jockey getting bucked on his horse. Slide is mounted in a wooden frame and size is 7" x 4" (18 x 10 cm).

Motto slide.
Single slipping slide depicting a gentleman who takes off his hat and unrolls an scroll that says 'GOOD NIGHT'.

Single slipping slide showing a walking man who is reading a newspaper too attentively and has a nasty over a metal post.
Slide measures 7 x 4 inches (c. 18 x 10 cm).


This single slipping slide is mounted in a wood frame of which the size is 7" x 4". It is labelled "Assassination of Lincoln--Figure of Booth--Movable".  United States President Abraham Lincoln was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865, while attending the play Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C. The assassination was planned and carried out by the well-known stage actor John Wilkes Booth.

Right: The same scene depicted on a normal glass magic lantern slide. The slide measures 3.25" x 4" and is titled: "Assassination of Lincoln." It is marked: "T.H. McAllister, Manufacturing Optician; 49 Nassau Street, New York" along the sides.


These single slipping slides are labelled, "Village Gossip, Tongue Grows." and "Gossip Man, Tongue Grows.". Size of the wooden frame is 7" x 4" (10 x 18 cm).

Single slipping magic lantern slide showing a man who smokes a pipe.

Slide measures 7 x 4 inches or c. 18 x 10 cm.




The wizard in his multi-coloured robes and obligatory hat is moving his wand from the spell to the flames in his cauldron. He stands, carefully watched by his toad, in a circle of fiery red eyed skulls and crossed bones while his cauldron is supported by evil devils. A snake wanders up the stairs to the cave.

Wizard casting a spell over his cauldron.
The solid mahogany wooden frame measures 7" x 4.25".


Hand-made single slipping slide. The operator of the magic lantern would initially show to the audience an image of a man peaceably reading a newspaper while a golfer in the background lines up a drive his ball. After allowing the audience to look at this image for long enough to register the scene, the projectionist would slide the back glass plate along the frame. This would have the effect of removing a blacked-out area from one part of the image and introducing a blacked-out area into another, creating the illusion of the ball flying towards the newspaper reader and knocking off his top hat.


The frame measures 4 inches by 7 inches (10 x 18 cms approx).  The visible area of the glass is just over 3 inches square (75mm x 75mm approx).


Single slipping slide in a wooden frame. It has a paper label at the side that reads: Comic Slip 24. Lady Catches Man in Net. The slide shows a lady apparently trying to catch a butterfly in her net. As you move the slipping glass, the net in the lady's hand comes down and captures a kneeling man who appears to be asking her to marry him and the net probably represents her "big catch".



A monkey which abuses a cat to play a guitar. How did he get such a stupid idea ?!!

The slide is hand-painted. The movement is caused by stirring the brass handle. The wooden frame measures c. 18 x 10 cm.

Single slipping slide showing a cruel monkey holding a cat over a barrel of water and then dropping the cat into the water again and again.
Another version of this dreadful scene. The monkey drowning a poor cat.

The wooden frame is stamped 'Murphy, Solicitor.'

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