Homepage 'de Luikerwaal' A rather extensive collection of
magic lantern slides.
Included are:
Just a lot of
movement slides.

A large collection of varied movement magic lantern slides. Slipper slides, rackwork and pulley slides, pivoted slides, single and double.... enjoy the amusing animations.
Just a lot of
funny stories told by magic lantern slides.

What is funny? What is humour? Did our ancestors have a very different sense of humour as we have nowadays?
Just a lot of
life-model slide sets

Most stories told by these sets are not cheerful. Excessive drinking, unhappy love affairs, and the premature death of a beloved are regular occurring themes. But the end is nearly almost.... a Happy End.
Just a lot of
wonderful magic lantern slide sets.

Sometimes the sets of magic lantern slides are very difficult to classify under a definite category. Yet we don't want to miss them for they are often very beautiful.
Just a lot of
magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories.

The live of Jesus, Moses, Joseph and many other Biblical characters.
Just a lot of
marvellous magic lantern slides.

There are many magic lantern slides one can call rightly real small works of art. They are often hand painted as well.
Just a lot of magic lantern slide sets depicting famous fairy tales.

Many old and well-known fairy tales like Tom Thumb and Cinderella often in several versions.
Just a lot of nice long magic lantern slide sets.

With the most diverse subjects.

And of course finally we have the hundreds of beautiful magic lantern slides that are classified under a number of categories, like temperance, religion, fairy tales, bicycles, circus, love, Christmas, war, professions, music, children, cats and dogs, ships, birth and death, you name it.
And the wonderful sets that deserved to get their own item at this side, like The Waterbabies, The Tiger and the Tub, The Bottle, Alice in Wonderland, Christie's Old Organ, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Jack and the Bean stick, Mr. ands Mrs. Brown and the Mouse, and..... well, you name it again.

All these magic lantern slides are classified under a separate table of contents, that you can get through clicking the button 'Theme/Series' in the row of buttons at the top of each page.  

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