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part 1.
A rather extensive collection of wonderful magic lantern slide sets

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A little bit of blue

Beautiful set of ten square magic lantern slides made by the English manufacturer of magic lantern slides York & Son. In the top left corner we see the trade mark of the manufacturer.
After a poem by Alfred H. Miles.
It starts:

The landlord of the 'Dragon'
Was standing at the door
Of his celebrated ale and stout
And wine and spirit store,
When a little child approached him
And looked him o'er and o'er.

A tiny little creature,
Her garments old and torn;
She looked indeed a child of need,
Forsaken and forlorn:
The landlord's little daughter wore
The clothes she should have worn.
1.  The landlord of the Dragon.
2.  He bade her 'run and play'. 3.  Attracted to the doorway. 4.  She hurried up among them.
5.  A maiden sat and waited. 6.  The father stumbled in. 7.  She sewed the piece of ribbon.
8.  Till her angel mother kissed her. 9.  One brought a pail of water. 10.  She watering the flowers.

Nellie's Prayer
At least three different series known. This one is made by Theobald & Co., England as a set of twelve square slides after a book by George R. Sims.
1. Called to the war 2. He kissed his darling Nellie 3. She always prayed for father
4. Why are you crying, mammie 5. A woman stooped and kissed 6. I fell on my knees and prayed
7. I sat by the fireside heart-broken 8. Nellie was praying to God for her dadda, not knowing that he was dead 9. An angel watching o'er her
10. Mammie, will father soon come home 11. There was a quick step, and the door opened 12. Thank God for His blessed mercy, and His answer to Nellie's prayer

Scrub, the workhouse boy.

A complete set of 12 magic lantern slides. The slides are mounted in a mahogany frame that measures 6 3/4" x 4". The glass slides measure 3 1/4" square. They are all hand coloured.
The story of a orphan boy.
Bob the Fireman, or life in the Red Brigade

Set of twelve square slides made by Theobald & Co., England.

Left: The lid of the beautiful box in which the set is packaged.

1. Possibly there is no more exciting spectacle than that of a large fire. 2. 'If the fire is within half a mile we should send on the escape'. 3. In less than three minutes of receiving the call we were starting.
4. You would scarcely credit the weight of a fire engine when you see the speed they dash along the street. 5. On, on we dashed through the streets. 6. A large house at the front of the builder's yard in flames.
7. Efforts were at once made to get out the horses. 8. A man was bringing out his wife. 9. A woman's form appeared at one of the windows at the back.
10. Once he paused and threw back his head. 11. He appeared with not the girl only, but a boy also, clasped in his arms. 12. He received from the Duke of Cambridge a prize medal for his bravery.
Bob the Fireman was also published as a set of four long slides each containing three images. The box is 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) long.

The Curtain

A set of 12 magic lantern slides made by York & Son, England, after the poem 'The Curtain' in 'The Lovers' Strategy' published by The Religious Tract Society, a British evangelical Christian organization founded in 1799 and known for publishing a variety of popular religious and quasi-religious texts in the 19th century. The society engaged in charity as well as commercial enterprise, publishing books and periodicals for profit.
This series consists of one slide with the image of a young woman standing in front of a large curtain in the middle of nature and 11 slides with smaller round images (probably her memories). With the help of a second magic lantern, the images of slides 2 to 12 can be projected over the curtain. A skilful lanternist can possibly blend these images into each other, which produces a beautiful effect (dissolving views).
For clarity, the circular images are shown enlarged below.
1. She was walking in the spring time 2. She was gazing on a picture 3. In a garden lustrous with the moon
4. On a river's bank a crowd had met to bid farewell 5. It was now a bridal party 6. And anon she was a mother
7. Midst a romping throng 8. She was seated by a sick bed 9. Now reclining in a grandma's chair
10. In the next, two mourners sorrowed 11. Then arose a shadowy churchyard 12. Framed a band of angel faces

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