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part 3.
A rather extensive collection of wonderful magic lantern slide sets

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The May Queen, by Tennyson
1. Call me early, mother dear.
2. Robin leaning on the bridge beneath the hazel tree. 3. The Village Green.
4. The May Queen. 5. If you're waking, call me early.
6. You'll bury me beneath the hawthorn shade. 7. I shall hear the bleating of the lambs.
8. And that good man, the clergyman. 9. Sit beside my bed, and put your hand in mine.

Marvellous set of ten square magic lantern slides made by York & Son, England.

The set is made after a well-known poem of the English poet Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892) who was Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during much of Queen Victoria's reign and remains one of the most popular British poets.

The poem that has some 40 stanzas begins with the words

You must wake and call me early, call me early, mother dear;
To-morrow ’ll be the happiest time of all the glad new-year,
Of all the glad new-year, mother, the maddest, merriest day;
For I ’m to be Queen o’ the May, mother, I ’m to be Queen o’ the May.

10. The blessed music went that way my soul will have to go.
A set of (probably) 10 magic lantern slides made by Newton & Co, London. Unfortunately the title of the set is unknown; that's why we call it temporarily

The Life of a Monk.

Der echte Borsdorfer

The Borsdorfer is a delicious German apple of large size, globular formed, slightly narrowed at the crown, yellow in the shade but for the most part a fine glossy red. Its flesh uncommonly white, tender, juicy, sweet, partaking of the odour of roses.

There is an old German proverb which says, "Ihre Wangen sind so rot wie ein Borsdorfer Apfel." (Her cheeks are as red as a Borsdorfer Apple.)
The ten slides are sold and possible made by the German dealer of magic lantern slides Richard Rosch, Dresden. Slides have a label at the top reading 'Serie 458 Borsdorfer' and a number of the slide, and are marked by the name and address of the maker at the bottom. Slides measure 8,3 x 8,3 cm and packed in a cardboard box provided with a label reading 'Der echte Borsdorfer'. 

The Oiled Feather
Set of twelve square magic lantern slides made by York & Son after the book 'The Oiled Feather' by Rev. Philip Bennett Power, c. 1885.
The slides are obviously taken from the illustrations in the book, drawn by an anonymous artist.
1. Introduction. 2. Polished Sam. 3. Sam oils the door lock.
4. Rusty Joe. 5. Rusty Joe pulling on his boots. 6. Joe's waggon breaks down.
7. Sam and Biddy McGrath. 8. Mrs Jullup and Mrs Dusher. 9. Sam helps Joe.
10. Polly welcomes her master. 11. The parson counsels Joe. 12. Joe and his wife hang up the oiled feather.

Two beautiful drawn slides on the story 'The Oiled Feather' from an unknown manufacturer.

3. Sam oils his lock with wife and child.

9. .... welcomes her master.

Note: Slide #9 is numbered 10 in the set above. The set probably consists of ten slides.

The Bridge
A small set of four black and white magic lantern slides in the format 3.25" x 4", approx. 8 x 10 cm, released by the McIntosh Stereopticon Co., Chicago. The titles of the slides are placed next to the images.
The drawings were drawn around 1900 by the famous illustrator Joseph Boggs Beale (1841-1926).
The set “The Bridge” shows scenes from the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem by the same name. "The Bridge" was written by Longfellow a short time after the death of his wife, Mary, in 1835 due to a miscarriage. In the poem he expresses his grief through the metaphor of a bridge where he is caught between his love for Mary and trying to move on. He stands on the bridge looking at the water and seeing her reflection as well as the thousands of fellow travelers, who have faced similar transitions.

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