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 part 10.
Just a lot of wonderful magic lantern slide sets

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Look at the Clock

A set of 9 toverlantaarnplaten is gemaakt door York & Son, Engeland. De platen zijn 8,2 cm in het vierkant.
1. Look at the Clock, quoth Winifred Pryce 2. We've drunk down the Sun, boys! 3. It knock'd off her hat; down she fell flat
4. The whole day, discussing the case and gin toddy 5. So he stopp'd, and look'd down on the valley below 6. 'Twas Grandmother's Clock, David makes for a run
7. Miss Davis look'd up, Miss Davis look'd down 8. Lamenting his sins, and his two broken shins 9. Gentlemen! Look at the Clock!!!

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