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Part 9.

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Jack's treasure: the story of a London waif.

The set is made by Theobald & Co. Slides measure 3.25 inches (8.2 cm) square.
1. There looked up at him a sweet baby face. 2. 'Why Jack, whatever are you doing baby-famring?' 3. Another boy, slightly older than himself.
4. Mother O'Connell was a motherly old lady. 5. The Club Doctor was visiting in the court. 6. George persuaded Jack to kneel with him on the floor.
7. He rises and steals quietly across the floor. 8. One of the nurses told him it was impossible to see the baby till tomorrow. 9. Jack gleefully tells the other boys of the kind nurse he had seen.
10. The kindly House Surgeon called him on one side. 11. The kindly House Surgeon placed the now perfectly recovered baby in Jack's arms. 12. The gentleman decided to give him a chance in life.

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