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A rather extensive collection of long magic lantern slide sets   Part 1.

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Decalcomania G.B.N Bavaria

A beautiful series of glass slides, produced by Gebrüder Bing, Nürnberg (G.B.N. Bavaria). Decalcomania, Germany ca. 1895. The slides are numbered at the left from 1 up to and including 12 and have the trade mark 'G.B.N.' at the right. All glasses have four round pictures each, surrounded by opaque black backgrounds. Size 22 x 7 cm, no cover glass, red paper edge.

These series has been produced in some other sizes too.

1. How to kill an annoying mosquito.

2. An awful accident in the snow.

3. A naughty boy deserves to be punished ......

4. Father Christmas brings you sweets.....

5. Open your mouth please.

6. A Nosey Parker.

7. A day in the life of a girl.

8. Children's games.

9. Where do the little children come from?

10. The daily routine of the foxes.

11. The Frog family takes a bath.

12. Animalworld.

Reise um die Erde - A trip round the World. GBN Bavaria.

Representing a trip, leaving Bremerhaven for Gibraltar, Suez Canal, India, China, Japan, Australia, Cape Colony and returning via England. Countries and inhabitants illustrated by 48 artistic pictures on 12 long glass slides with text.
Slides are numbered as 'Tafel I' up to and including 'Tafel XII', the separate pictures as 1 up to and including 48.


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