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A rather extensive collection of long magic lantern slide sets   Part 5.

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Ernst Plank (E.P.)  Serie E.
The slides of this set were made in the sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, and 8 cm wide.

Robinson 1.

Robinson 2.

Rotkäpchen 1.

Rotkäpchen 2.

Gestiefelter Kater 1.

Gestiefelter Kater 2.

Dick Whittington 1.

Dick Whittington 2.

John Gilpin 1.

John Gilpin 2.

Jakob der Riesentöter 1.

Jakob der Riesentöter 2.
Ernst Plank (E.P.)  Serie III.
The slides of this set were made in many sizes, with a protecting cover glass as well as without cover glass. See the 1903 price list below.
Bei gutem Appetit.
A healthy appetite.
Im Circus.
In the circus.
Auf dem Kinderspielplatz.
At the playground.
Ein Seehafen.
A seaport.
Wintery fun.
Buntes Allerlei.
Motley variety.
Meister Frosch.
Master Frog.
Ein Wettkampf.
A fight to the death.
Die musikalische Grille.
The musical cricket.
Auf der Weide.
At the meadow.


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