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Johann Falk (J.F.)  Serie # 532.

Sehenswürdigkeiten verschiedener Länder - The sights of different Countries. Set of twelve slides in a wooden box made by Johann Falk (J.F.) Germany. No. 532.

 Balloons and Aeroplanes.
The history of the conquest of the air interestingly told in a series of 48 pictures.

This interesting set of slides was offered in a cardboard box from G.B.N. Bavaria but is also known under the trade mark 'Primus' as their Series IX. c.1909. produced by W. Butcher and Sons, London. Card box containing 12 rectangular glass slides edged with red paper, each having 4 beautiful circular colour illustrations of balloons or early aeroplanes. Each slide approximately 16 x 4cm. The first 6 slides cover balloons, ballooning and airships. The next cover flight from kites and early gliders, through the Wright 'flyer', Bleriot and so on. The remaining 2 have more balloons and an anti-aircraft gun etc. The G.B.N. slides are marked 'Tafel 1' t/m 'Tafel 12'.The Primus slides are not marked this way.
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