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Part 3.

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Extra Bilder für Laterna magica.  Ernst Plank (E.P.) Serie II.

Ernst Plank made seven series of 'additional magic lantern slides'. Serie I was supplied together with every magic lantern they sold. Each series consists off twelve long magic lantern slides. De slides without a protecting cover glass were supplied in ten formats, from 11 cm long and 3 cm wide, until and included 30 cm long and 10 cm wide. Those formats were also supplied with a cover glass, with the exception of the two smallest formats (3 en 3,5 cm wide). Almost all slides of these series are marked "E.P.".

For exportation to countries with high postal charges the series also were sold printed on a transparent gelatine paper. To be able to view those images a pair of joined glass strips was supplied with every cardboard box. One could lay a strip of paper between those glass strips now, and shift the whole as a normal magic lantern slide into the slide holder of a magic lantern.



1. Winterlandschaft mit Schlittshuhlaüfern - Winter landscape with skaters.

2. Charakterköpfe - Characteristic portraits.

3. Spassmacher - People enjoying themselves.

4. In einer Dorfschule - In a village school.

5. Die Scheibenschützen - Target practice.

6. Das mislungene Angeln - The angling failed.

7. Auf der Hirschjagd. A hunting party.

8. Ein lustiges Kegelschieben - Playing skittles for fun.

9. Der Expresszug - De express train.

10. Löwe, Bär, etc. - A lion, a bear, a.s.o.

11. Eine Künstlertruppe - A group of artists.

12. Im Hafen von Taku - The harbour of Taku.

Comic set of long magic lantern slides.

This is a set of twelve slides; unfortunately one slide is missing here.












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