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Decalcomania. Ernst Plank (E.P.), Nuremberg, Germany. c. 1915. One strip of a set of twelve.

Many sets were launched in two or more variants. This had also to do with the sizes of the magic lantern slide; mostly the wider the slides, the more details.

Decalcomania. Probably made by Carrette, Germany, c. 1915. Numbered 27.
dandy magic lantern slide beer drinking man lantern slide man eats meat ball slide
four funny portraits lantern slide

Decalcomania, unknown manufacturer. c. 1910, Germany. One strip of a set of twelve.

man magic lantern slide

Decalcomania, unknown manufacturer. c. 1910, Germany. One strip of a set of twelve.

four stately portraits lantern slide

Four stately portraits of distinguished people.
One strip of a set of twelve, marked 'T12' and 'G.C & Co. N.', made by George Carette & Co., Nuremberg. Seizes 11" x 3.5" (28 x 9 cm), which is very large for this kind of slides.


Four distinguished gentlemen. Glass slide with red paper on the edges probably made by Ernst Plank. Measures 7 7/8" by 2 1/4" (c. 20 x 6 cm).

The same gentlemen (and two more) depicted on this disc shaped magic lantern slide made by E.P.

Two long glass slides made by an unknown manufacturer each showing four funny portraits.

Decalcomania. Ernst Plank (E.P.) marked.
(See also: After the 'Elfstedentocht')

Some of the figures portrayed above can be seen on another E.P. slide. It's remarkable that this time these persons are depicted less ugly than on the first slide. Did they complain?

This magic lantern slide was also released in a large number of different versions.

Some other members of the family.
four faces magic lantern slide

This time the old lady is even smiling! (Ernst Plank)
types of people lantern slides Left and below:

Four magic lantern slides showing the portraits of different types of people . Each measures about 6 5/8" in length and 1 3/4" in width.

portraits magic lantern slides


Set of five glass magic lantern slides with clear background and hand-painted figures and landscape.

Great caricatures of people - mostly their heads. They appear to represent various classes of people and their roles within society. 

Each slide is 10.5" x 2.5" (ca 26.5 x 6.3 cm).
Probably English.

Funny portraits of five gnomes: 15 cm x 4 cm.

Five portraits: 15 cm x 4 cm.

Another five people showing their noble facial features.


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