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An oblong glass magic lantern slide made by an unknown manufacturer showing a visit to the hairdresser that does not completely follow the wishes of the customer.

A set of black and white slides made by Newton & Co., London. A beekeeper at work. Sizes of the slides are 3.25" or 8.2 cm square.

Oblong magic lantern slide with a tormented schoolmaster.
Seeing a dentist who pulls a sore tooth was amusing. The visit to a dentist was probably less popular in those days.
Visiting the Dentist.
(not the official title of this set)

A small label in the upper left corner makes clear that the manufacturer of this comic series lantern slides the English manufacturer W.C. Hughes, London is.
Is slide # 1 missing here ?
Italian Fortune Teller.
Black and white magic lantern slide, 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
One slide of the set Characters and Scenes made by Colombia presenting a blacksmith with his hammer in his hand.

The House Maid Cleaning Front Step. (that happened in those days). Sizes of the wooden frame are 19.5 cm by 10.5 cm.
Blacksmith. Teacher. Coal man.
Hairdresser. Burglar/constable. Cobbler.

Peter the fisherman. First series.
A set of twelve magic lantern slides made by Theobald & Co., England, c. 1900.  
These comprise two set of slides, Series I and Series II, each Series consists of 12 pictures and make 24 slides in all. The complete story itself is published in one volume, giving full details of each slide, and also consists of music making a Musical or Service of Song set. (text original readings)

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