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A rare interchangeable mechanical slide sold by BENETFINK, Cheapside, London. C.1880., contained in a pine case with the Benetfink name plaque on the front. The mahogany mount with rack and pinion movement, operated by brass and lignum vitae (tropical wood) handle. The case is fitted with five hand painted slides of a beehive, an acrobat, a windmill, a fountain and a goodnight wish. Together with twelve hand painted glass discs. The slide holder measures 18 x 11,5 cm (7 x 4 1/2 inches) and the discs are 8 cm (3 1/8 inches) in diameter. 

The pine box, containing the mahogany mount, five hand painted slides and twelve glass discs.

The base of the set: a fine mahogany mount with rack and pinion movement. The frame is able to contain one fixed glass with the major part of the subject, and two revolving glass discs, containing the parts that give the illusion of movement to the pictures. 
The fountain set. The picture of the fountain, combined with the two discs, produces a sparkling effect of falling water.
lantaarnplaat toverlantaarn bewegend verwisselbaar bijenkorf
Bees and other insects circle around the beehive while the operator makes a buzzing sound.
lantaarnplaat toverlantaarn bewegend verwisselbaar wieken

One of the most used effects with revolving slides is the windmill with its rotating sails. This time combined with a colourful edge.

Fishes in the bowl. The two discs with the fishes rotate in the opposite direction. lantaarnplaat toverlantaarn bewegend verwisselbaar vissenkom
The acrobat carries out daredevil feats on the high bar when the handle is turned.

This set produces a colourful chromatrope effect at the edge, furnished with a central 'good night' painting and wish. Great to be used at the end of an entertainment.

Retailer of photographic and lantern requisites and other, non-photographic, items at Cheapside in London, using in succession the names Benetfink & Jones (nos. 81 and 89; c. 1845-1851), Benetfink & Co. (nos. 89 and 90; 1852-1861), Benetfink & Fox (still at nos. 89 and 90; 1862-1866) and finally again Benetfink & Co (at nos. 89 and 90 plus 107 and 108; 1867-c. 1900). The firm produced extensive catalogues of, among other things, lanterns, accessories and slides.

Another boxed set of interchangeable mechanical rackwork slides, original comprising of 12 separate hand painted glass discs which can be inserted into the slide holder. The discs are held in place by a wire clip. The hinged box is probably made of cedar wood.

Rectagular slide approx 3.1/4in square (8.3cm), diameter of circular slide 3.1/8in (8cm). Slide holder approx 7in x 4.1/2in (17.8 x 11.3cm).
Unfortunely the circular disc that should accompany Father Neptune under the Deep Blue Sea is missing. Probably it would have had a procession of small fish or other sea animals.



Box containing six excellent sets of English hand painted chromatrope discs. Each set consists of two identical glasses; each disc is 3 1/8" (8 cm) in diameter.

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