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Catastrophe slides are pairs of magic lantern slides that were shown in rapid succession to illustrate a comic, but also always dramatic, situation. The first one mostly shows a rather normal start of the story and the second one shows the mostly disastrous sequel. For example a young man playing a serenade for his sweetheart's house followed by an angry woman (his beloved? her mother?) who pours out a bucket full of water over his head. Most of them were produced by York and Son in the early 1900s but also by other manufacturers. The hundred pairs of square 3.25" (8.2 cm) York-slides were marked A and B in a corner of the slide.
The Serenade and the Serenade's Reception.
Again a beautiful serenade but unfortunately beneath the wrong window.
A shortcut and it sequel.
A Topsy Sturvy Tea Party, signed: from Scraps.
Motorist's Mishap, signed: from Scraps.
A Disastrous Sneeze.
The Motorist Scorcher (Bamforth).
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Elephant and Monkey. Made by York & Son, England. Numbered 80 A and B.
Another Serenade. Man playing the Mandolin.
He sat down. Comic slides.
The Pedlar and his Pack.
A Cart without Horses - Comic Slides, from Scraps.
Sambo and the Buttermilk - The Buttermilk and Sambo.
The lady is somewhat rough when putting on her fur collar  (By permission from 'Black and White').
Stealing a lobster.
Daddy does cooking.
The Mule, Catastrophe Series made by York nr 35, A and B.
Cat on Fence, seen from both sides of the fence.
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