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Set of twelve magic lantern slides with 'Scènes de cirque'.
The dimensions of the slides are 10 x 8.2 cm. Both the slide itself and the accompanying cardboard box do not provide any information about the manufacturer. Probably French.

Long magic lantern slide measuring 30 x 9.8 cm. Protected by a cover glass. Manufacturer unknown.
A complete circus show on eight magic lantern slides. They feature clowns, acrobats, elephants, horses and even a dog riding a Penny Farthing!

The slides are each 22.7cm long by 6.3cm wide slide and have four circular panels which are numbered suggesting that this is part of a larger set.

A rather bizarre scene of circus performers being blown backwards from an exploding bottle of "pop". A grotesque whiteface clown. The square magic lantern slide is made by W.C. Hughes, London.
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