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Set of twelve magic lantern slides with 'Scènes de cirque'.
The dimensions of the slides are 10 x 8.2 cm. Both the slide itself and the accompanying cardboard box do not provide any information about the manufacturer. Probably French.

Long magic lantern slide measuring 30 x 9.8 cm. Protected by a cover glass. Manufacturer unknown.
A complete circus show on eight magic lantern slides. They feature clowns, acrobats, elephants, horses and even a dog riding a Penny Farthing!

The slides are each 22.7cm long by 6.3cm wide slide and have four circular panels which are numbered suggesting that this is part of a larger set.


Somersault on ladders.
Hand-painted single slipping slide. The two glass plates are mounted in a mahogany frame measuring 17.5 x 10.5 cm.
A label affixed to the sliding glass gives the title: '67 Acrobat turns a somersault on chairs' (ladders in reality).


Double slipping slide. Wooden frame with two sliding metal plates and in between the glass plate with the images of the young acrobat. The acrobat performs his tricks when the plates are shifted in a certain order.
Sometimes something goes wrong. Very wrong. A pair of square lantern slides from the Catastrophe Series by York & Son.
A rather bizarre scene of circus performers being blown backwards from an exploding bottle of "pop". A grotesque whiteface clown. The square magic lantern slide is made by W.C. Hughes, London.

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