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part 1
is for Ass .....

The Judge and his asses.
Set of 6 square magic lantern slides measuring 5.25 x 5.25" inches. A judge is carried around in a palanquin by his servants. When they all fall down a passing man brings relief by selling his asses.

Manufacturer of this set is Bamforth & Co., England.
  is for Bear .....

This comical slide is made by the Chicago Projecting Co. and is titled: "Hug Me Closer, George". A woman is hugged behind by a bear, while George cowers in a tree.
..... and for Bees .....

 here together with the now Blundering Bear, Busy Bemoaning he can't get his share.

One slide from a set of Children's Illustrated Alphabet magic lantern slides.

The slide measures 3 inches x 3 inches (8.2 x 8.2 cm).
is for Crocodile .....

This hand-painted single slipping slide represents a man who is diving right into in the mouth of a big crocodile! The frame is made of mahogany. Its size: 7 by 3.9 inches (or 18cm x 10cm).
is for Dromedary .....

The dromedary, the one-humped camel, the ship of the dessert, is one of the four animals that are depicted on this oblong magic lantern slide, measuring 16 x 1.5 inches.

Square magic lantern of 8.2 x 8.2 cm showing a dromedary, or as the title says 'an Arabian Camel'.
Camels have two bumps and a dromedary has one. However in many countries no distinction is made and there both types are called 'camel'.

This fantastic hand painted slipping slide measures 17.5 x 10 cm.
..... and for Dog .....

This dog is not a lucky one. When the slipping glass is operated the furious cow tosses its victim over its head.

Then these dogs are very lucky with their owners. At the left one image of the four images on an elongated magic lantern slide.

Above a romantic black and white lantern slide with two girls and their dog.
is for Elephant .....

Hand painted single slipping slide that shows an astonishing circus trick, performed by mother and daughter Elephant.
More tricks in Circus Luikerwalo.



A terrible accident. Four square magic lantern slides, measuring 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
 is for Flamingo .....

'The Flamingo' is slide nr 7 of part 723 of W. Butchers' Primus Junior Lecturers Series 'Birds and their Nests'

While this flamingo was used by Alice in Wonderland while playing a curious kind of golf game. It is part 778 of the same Primus series.
is for Gorilla .....

A comic series of eight lantern slides made by Bamforth & Co., England after a poem by Robert Craven about a gorilla trying to catch a tormenting wasp.

  ..... and also for Goat.....

Elongated magic lantern slide with the history of a farmer's boy trying to milk a goat, but eventually leaving with an empty bucket, perhaps to sell this unruly goat on the market.
  is for Hog .....

Hogs seem to be excellent riding animals. Although ..... it also goes wrong many times.
In any case, it is a popular theme that is often used for moving magic lantern slides.

Here are three examples of such hand-painted single slipping slides. The dimensions are 10 x 18 cm.
  is for Insect .....  
'Ants and Their Ways'. Magic Lantern Slide Set of (at least) 20 slides revealing the growth and living of these diligent insects.

This set of square magic lantern slides is made by the English manufacturer Walter Tyler and possibly the set is also published as a set of 31 slides.
is for
Jackal .....
This Jackal is depicted on one slide of a set of five very fine quality wood-mounted lantern slides of animals. All are stamped by one of Britain's finest slide makers, Carpenter & Westley, 24 Regent St, London. The images are the same as appear on the long panoramic sliders from the same makers. They probably date from about 1850. The images are beautifully hand painted on a black background, probably using Carpenter & Westley's copper plate printed outline system. Three are identified in ink as: Jackall (sic), Cashmere Goat, Mexican Wolf, the other two obviously being Sheep and Donkey. The images are 60 mm (just over 2 1/4") diameter in wood frames of 175 mm (7") by 95 mm (3 3/4").
is for Kitten .....

Playful kitten that is too greedy and gets it all over its head.

Nice German single slipping slide in a wooden frame, circa 1880 made by J.S (Jean Schoener). Sizes : 6 x 3 inches.
"An Old Monarch" is by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899), the most famous French female artist of her day.

After Rosa Bonheur had painted horses, cows, and other tame animals a great many times, she began to want to paint wild animals, such as tigers and bears. She could not go to the far-away countries where they live, so she bought a lion and lioness from a man who had been there. These she kept in a very strong cage of heavy iron bars. Here she came to watch them every day.

This is one of the pictures she painted of the lion. She called him "Nero," and was so kind to him that after a while he became quite tame. The lioness was always wild, but good old Nero soon became so gentle that Rosa Bonheur could pet him and even go into his cage.

A standard American glass magic lantern slide made by Underwood & Underwood N.Y.
  is for Lion .....

Highly detailed hand painted magic lantern slide from T.H. McAllister Opticians, NY that appears to bear the title 'The Lion's Bride'.
Framed in mahogany, size 7 x 4 x 3/8" Glass: 3" diameter.
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