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Two certain events in every human life
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Delivered by a stork or common arisen from the womb of a woman...... every human life starts with a birth.
This lantern slide is one of a beautiful well known set, produced by Gebrüder Bing, Nürnberg (G.B.N. Bavaria) Germany. Decalcomania, c. 1895.

(Read the amazing story 'Where do the little children come from?')

Hand coloured 3 1/4"x 4" (8 x 10 cm) lantern slide titled 'Little Brother'. From a painting from the German artist Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen, surprisingly called 'The Tree Sisters'. Signed and dated at lower corner: 1851.


A birth that happened more than two thousand years ago in the little town of Bethlehem. One slide from a set of eight, 'Children's Life of Christ'.

 Each of the slides is 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" square.



This slide is titled on the side : Selected Pictures -- Family Happiness -- Hunin (Hunin is a District of the Muslim town Safad). The size is: 7" long x 4" tall x 3/8" thick, it has a 3 1/4" round colour glass slide in it.

Another magic lantern slide from the same series, labeled on the edge: 'Selected--Last Offspring.' It is stamped 'T. H. McAllister, Optician, N.Y.' on the wood.

Maybe this isn't the most uplifting group of lantern slides that you've come across. But at least the Victorians weren't as neurotic as we are about death and dying and integrated the entire process nicely into their world view.

God's Acre. Beautiful Victorian depiction of two children walking through a graveyard in winter.
Framed in mahogany, this slide is a hand coloured lithograph, c. 1870. Size 7 x 4", glass: 3" diameter.


A beautiful set of life model slides entitled 'Daddy' after the song 'Daddy' by Mary Mark Lemon and A.H. Behrend. The set depicts the touching story of a daughter trying to console her grieving Father after the death of his wife.
The manufacturer is G.M. Mason.

Size: 3 1/4 inch by 3 1/4 inch (8,2 cm by 8,2 cm).
1. Title slide
2. Take my head on your shoulder
3. Tired of my pray
4. Why do your big tears fall
5. Mother is not far away
6. When I am big like you
7. Good night, Daddy

More slide sets after the song 'Daddy' you can find here.

Lever operated mechanical magic lantern slide which shows an interior of a crypt with stained glass windows in the background. In the foreground is the tomb of a knight in armour. The scene is very delicately hand painted, with much detail. By moving the lever at the side the knight sits up on his tomb. The wooden body of the slide is 7 x 4 inches (c. 18 x 11cm).


Magic lantern slide in a wooden frame titled 'K of P Third Rank Monitor No.3 Sorrows of Darkness and Death'. It came from a Knights of Pythias Lodge.

Measuring 18 x 10 cm.

One slide from the temperance series "Ten Nights in a Barroom - 5 Death of Joe Morgan's Little Mary."  Manufactured by T. H. McALLISTER, NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK.

Hand painted glass magic lantern slide titled 'Mother's Dream' by Brooks. Measures 3.75 by 4 inches.

Is this mother dreaming that an angel takes her deceased child away to heaven???
These four remarkable slides portray different aspects of the dying process. The first is a beautifully hand coloured deathbed scene with wife and children mourning. The second is a black and white photographic slide entitled "Paying of Certificate to Widow", probably part of a fraternal order set that offered such benefits to survivors. The third is a black and white view of sombre dressed men and shrouded women witnessing "Unveiling the Monument." The final slide is a black and white depiction of "The Funeral, at the Grave." All measure 3.75" x 4" (8.2 x 10 cm).


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