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Birth and Death
part 2
A 3.25" diameter circular glass magic lantern slide in a 4" x 7" hardwood mount and a 3.25" x 4" glass slide depicting a violent death. An example of how the person who applied colour to a magic lantern slide could substantially change the image. Both slides are depictions of the exact same scene. In one there is a bare breasted lady. In the other, the colourist has covered her up with a bright yellow dress.

Dancing Skeleton. This is a glass disk choreutoscope made by T. H. McAllister Optician N.Y. c.1890 for use with a magic lantern. However you can also view the images and the motion by holding it up to the light and turning the hand crank. This disk has six slots containing individual scenes of a skeleton. As you rotate the disk the skeleton appears to dance. The mahogany frame has 1803 hand printed in ink. It also has a paper label that says Dr. A. N. Gilson, Quincy Mass under that is printed 1803 Dancing Skeleton.


See you later!
Polite skeleton. Because of missing a hat this skeleton kindly takes off his head when he meets you.
Hand painted magic lantern single slipping slide that measures c. 17.7 x 10 cm.


And a playful skeleton.


Mechanical magic lantern slide with single slipping glass. Wounded man pays a visit to Dr. Sawbones Office. His curiosity got the better of him and that cost him at least a second injured foot.
Mounted in a wooden frame; sizes: 10 x 18 cm.


Old magic lantern slide in wood frame of Satan in hell amongst the dead and suffering while standing on a pile of skulls and skeletons.

This slide is from an old OddFellows lodge. The wood frame measures 4" by 7" and the round glass slide is 3" in diameter. 
The label on the edge of the slide says "Knights of Malta".


Old man kicks death out the door.

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