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a vehicle consisting of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel.

The Lady Cyclist.
Her Uncle presents her with a bicycle She could dream of nothing else but her new bicycle She soon came in sight of the champion club racers
Passed them and left them in the rear with ease She ran clean over a bullock which happened to be in her way Running over a footbridge she scattered the fishing party in all directions
A timber wagon blocked her way but she cleared the lot She ascended a mighty steep, a feat never before attempted And descended fearful inclines with the greatest equanimity
Finding the bridge broken she leapt the fearful chasm She receives a glorious welcome on her return home But on her maid awakening her in the morning finds she has been dreaming it all

Set of 12 humorous magic lantern slides entitled 'The Lady Cyclist'. Two of the slide are lacking. It tells the story of a girl that receives a new bicycle from her uncle and makes an amazing ride.......in her dreams!

The slides are made by Archer & Sons, Liverpool; the story is written by Robert Craven. They measure 3.25" (8.2 cm) square.
The Bicycle Trip. Manufacturer unknown.

Oblong glass magic lantern slide. Two cyclists colliding with each other during the horseraces.
Maker unknown.

Cyclist and Mad Dog.
Set of six square magic lantern slides made by Bamforth and Co., England, c. 1905.
What can we learn from this funny set of magic lantern slides? When you go for a bicycle ride never forget to take your bicycle pump with you!
A shortcut and its sequel. Two so called Catastrophe Slides, mostly the first showing a rather normal situation and the second the unexpected miserable sequel.
The slides measure 3.25" (8.2 cm) square.
'That's just the thing for me' thinks the leading actor in this dramatic story when he sees a group of cyclists enjoying the open air. He goes straight to the local bicycle shop to purchase such an attractive means of transport. However, riding such a high bike is more difficult than he expected.
A set of 12 square magic lantern slides from an unknown manufacturer. Dimensions 8.2 x 8.2 cm.
These two comic magic lantern slides measure 3.25 inches or 8.2 cm square.

World on Wheels. Size 8.2 x 8.2 cm.

By permission of the Illust. London News.

This British black and white glass photograph slide of a lady dressed in an elegant bicycle suit measures 3.25 inches square. 



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