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Joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Feliz Navidad
A marvellous motto slide showing the Old Year and the young one. Square magic lantern slide measuring 8.2 x 8.2 cm. Two merry Christmas slides, 8.2 x 8.2 cm.

Hegge Hannes, or In Menschen een Welbehagen
A Christmas story told on a set of 21 magic lantern slides made by an unknown, but probably Dutch manufacturer. The square slides measure 8 x 8 cm.
I have searched the internet in vain looking for the content of this Christmas story. It turned out that this story used to be told very often around Christmas in Sunday schools. This is one of the accounts of this I found:
Past the 'Tolse Bridge' .... we had a good view of the rear church windows. These were very important to us. Why? Well, if Dirk Beets, the sexton at the time, had put cardboard dividers in front of it, that would mean: Magic lantern! And who would ever have been forgiven if he had feigned a stomach ache in order not to go to Sunday School? .... In the darkness of the church, Arie Beets, the artistic, somewhat thin-looking son of Dirk, projected light images from the gallery onto a large sheet, which was attached with about fifty straps to a framework placed in front of the pulpit. .... Deeply moved, we followed the experiences of the little Lord, Hegge Hannes and other poor forsaken people, who fortunately could all look their benefactors gratefully in the eyes in the last picture.

The Christmas Goose.

A rather sad Christmas Story.
The twelve square magic lantern slides of this comic set all wear a label at the top reading 'The Christmas Goose. Copyright W.T.'. Probably W.T. stands for the name of the English magic lantern and slides manufacturer and retailer Walter Tyler, who at the end of the 19th century bought the lantern slide stock of John Theobald & Co.

Long glass magic lantern slide showing a somewhat wretched Father Christmas.
Annie and Willie's Prayer.

A set of six magic lantern slides after the poem 'Annie and Willie's Prayer' by Sophia P. Snow.

This set of six 3 ¼” x 4” slides was produced by T.H. McAllister, Manufacturing Optician, 49 Nassau Street, N.Y. in their 'Economic Series'. The slides are edged in black tape. All slides have a label with title of the series and title and number of the slide.
This is the start of the drawn-out poem that is summarized up here in only six magic lantern slides:

't Was the eve before Christmas. “Good night,” had been said,
And Annie and Willie had crept into bed;
There were tears on their pillows, and tears in their eyes,
And each little bosom was heaving with sighs,
For tonight their stern father's command had been given
That they should retire precisely at seven
Instead of at eight—for they troubled him more
With questions unheard of than ever before:
He had told them he thought this delusion a sin,
No such creature as “Santa Claus” ever had been.
And he hoped, after this, he should never more hear
How he scrambled down chimneys with presents each year.
The first two slides from another, somewhat more luxurious version of 'Annie and Willie's Prayer' with round plates encased in a mahogany frame of 18 x 10 cm.

Two magic lantern slides promoting the Seal Sale to Fight Tuberculoses, the first one showing the 1921 Christmas Seal  and reading, "Christmas Seal Your Christmas Mail. 14th Annual Seal Sale to Fight Tuberculosis."
Christmas seals were introduced to the United States  in 1907 to raise money for a sanatorium. Local Christmas seals have existed alongside national issues in the US since 1907. The American Red Cross sponsored the Christmas Seal until 1919, when the National Tuberculosis Association was finally strong enough to assume exclusive control of the project. The emblem of the NTA, the double-barred cross, appeared for the first time on a Christmas Seal in 1920. Today the Christmas seals benefit the American Lung Association and other lung related issues. Slides were usually discarded after a relatively short period of use so are difficult to find. Both slides measure 3 1/4" x 4" (8 x 10 cm).
And three more magic lantern slides that promote the sale of Christmas seals.

Glass magic lantern slide in a wooden frame labelled at the edge '18. Christmas Night Within'.



Magnificent glass and wood magic lantern slide, produced by McIntosh Battery and Optical Co Chicago. It measures 4 x 7 inches (10 x 18 cm), the glass image is 3 inches (7.5 cm) in diameter, and it is the first slide of a set titled "Where is my Boy to-night? The slide is titled 1 "The boy of my tenderest care."  A lovely home Christmas scene, complete with a huge tree in the living room adorned with angels toys and garland.  Mother is watching her small boy open up all the toys, train, fire engine, bowling, drum, doll house, in front of the fireplace with a dog and cat.
Two Christmas magic lantern slides with motto 'A Very Merry Christmas' published by Deethmann Slide Co. 30 E. Randolph St., Chicago Ill.  Size 8 x 10 cm.

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