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More slides depicting children. Part 3.

How Jimmy tended the baby.

A set of 10 square magic lantern slides made by Bamforth & Co, England (1890).
1. Baby hasn't half the sense of my dog, and can't even chase a cat. 2. 'Hold it up straight, you good-for-nothing, little wretch!' 3. Mother and Sue went out to make calls, and told me to stay at home and take care of baby.
4. I went to see if there was any pie in the pantry. If I was a woman, I wouldn't be so dreadfully suspicious as to keep everything locked up. 5. Baby was awake, and was howling like he was full of pins. 6. I gave him the first thing that came handy to keep him quiet; it happened to be a bottle of black varnish.
7. The baby stopped crying and I sat down to read a paper. 8. The next time I looked at him, about half of his face was jet black. 9. So I hurried up and begun to black the baby all over. I think an all-black baby much more stylish than an all-white on.
10. I had just time to get baby dressed again when mother and Sue came in. I wouldn't lower myself to repeat their unkind language.

Children are playing in summer.......
......and in winter.
Two magnificent large glass slides in beautiful colours from a series of twelve, each measuring 24 x 8 cm. The slides have a plain cover glass , the pair bound together by a paper edge. The slides were produced by Ernst Plank (E.P.) c. 1900.

Home Sweet Home. Happy children dancing in the living room from the 1870's American Mechanics series.

Mounted in a wooden frame with the standard slide size about 7" by 4" (18 x 10 cm) overall; the diameter of the picture is about 3 1/4" (8 cm). The label reads 'Youth and Old Age'. The framed motto at the wall reads 'Honesty Industry Sobriety'.

'Clear the Track!'. Round slide in a mahogany frame made by T.H. McAllister, New York.
Romantic Victorian glass slide circa late 1890's. Taken from a series entitled 'Selected pictures'. It is labelled "Blindman's Buff" and is set in a mahogany frame. Measures: 7" x 4".

Two long magic lantern slides showing naughty children.
Boy who spins a top. Mechanical hand-painted magic lantern slide from c. 1880. The frame is made of mahogany. Size: 7 x 3.9 inches (18 x 10 cm).
C. 1905 German. Probably G. Carette & Co. Nuremberg. Decalcomania, sizes c. 7" x 2" (18 x 5 cm).

Oblong magic lantern slide, maker is probably Carette, Nürnberg. 5.9" x 1.5" (15 x 4 cm).
A set of eight magic lantern slides measuring 3.25" square. They tell an amusing story of two mischievous boys playing a prank on an unsuspecting woman.


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