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Cinematographs 4
movies on the magic lantern
Leonard Müller (L.M.).
There is an impressed mark on this cinematograph showing L and M both intertwined inside a circle which is the trade mark of Leonard Müller, Germany.
Leonard Müller (L.M.).
One of the most striking features of this L.M. cinematograph is the fact that the lamp housing is not provided with a back door or flap, but can be folded completely backwards when the lamp needs to be replaced. In the back wall there is a socket for an electric bulb lamp, an almost closed opening at the top of the lamp house lets the heat through. Both sides of the lamp housing are provided with the L.M. trademark. A bracket in the base can be folded down so that the lantern rises obliquely and the lower film reel can rotate freely.


Cinematograph made by Gebrüder Bing Neurenberg. The trade mark 'G.B.N. Bavaria' is pressed in the tin of the hinged back door. Instructions for use in 5 languages. 'Kinematograph in Verbindung mit Laterna Magica No. 222/45/3-3 1/2'.
Instructions for use.

A list of coloured films no. 6666.

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