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movies on the magic lantern
Cinematograph made by Johann Falk, Germany.
A small metal shield with the J.F. trademark is fitted to the front.

Below an almost similar cinematograph made by J.F. with a somewhat different side door  and a pressed trademark in the top of the front.
Another cinematograph made by Johann Falk (J.F.). The company established a close cooperation with Bing Werke (B.W.) in the 1920s, producing some magic lanterns and cinematographs with a combined J.F. and B.W. trade mark (see 3rd photo). The cinematograph is packed in a cardboard box provided with a label (see 4th photo).
Measures 19 cm high, 24 cm long. The wooden accessory is probably a product of home handcrafts and can be removed.


Cinematograph made by Ernst Plank, c. 1900.
Mounted on a wooden base plate complete with the objective carrier and the projection lens.

The cinematograph is packed in a wooden case. The lit is provided with a colourful label.

38 cm x 24 cm x 14 cm.



The company of Johann Falk joined forces in the 1920s with the Gebrüder Bing, at which a number of products were provided with a combined JF and BW trademark. This cinematograph also carries this combined trademark on the front, above the slide/ film holder. The top of the lamp housing can be lifted to replace the electric lamp.

This cinematograph was also produced in the 1920s by the German magic lantern manufacturer Johann Falk in a close cooperation with Bing Werke (see the combined J.F. and B.W. trademark).


Cinematograph made by Bing Werke, Bavaria, Germany. The B.W. trademark is pressed in the tin of the upwards shifting back door. First photo shows the cinematograph as a normal magic lantern, the second one shows it with mounted film holders (unfortunately wrong mounted for not in line with the film transport). 
Ernst Plank (E.P.)

Large cinematograph with a small metal plate on the lamp housing with the E.P trademark. Film transport by means of a Maltese cross. Upper sprocket drive by using a chain; drive lower film reel by means of a metal string. Two large film reels with a diameter of 11 cm. The rotating shutter is placed in front of the projection lens. A socket for an electric light bulb is fitted in the hinged rear wall.

Size of the lantern approximately 30 cm high including the chimney; 42 cm including the film reel. Total width with handle and flywheel 21 cm. Total length including film reel and lamp fitting 50 cm.


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