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Cinematographs 5
movies on the magic lantern
Another cinematograph made by Gebrüder Bing Nuremberg, trade mark BW Bavaria - Bing Werke ca 1920. Total height including the chimney about 27 cm, depth: about 19.5 cm, width: about 15.5 cm.
Made of tin, with a glossy black lacquer.
Operating instructions in six languages.
The cinematograph part uses a Maltese Cross system for the film transport, sliding aperture for long glass magic lantern slides.

The trade mark of Bing has changed several times over the years. Around 1930 often a recumbent B and W, often with the addition Bavaria, was used.
And yet another cinematograph made by Gebrüder Bing Neurenberg. Total height including the chimney is 46 cm.
Cinematograph made by Ernst Plank (E.P.). Film transport by means of a Maltese cross. Size: base 18 x 9.5 cm; height without lamp holder and film spool 16 cm; total height 32 cm. Suitable for magic lantern slides 3 cm and films 35 mm.
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