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Love stories, told by images on magic lantern slides.

Beautifully coloured magic lantern slide in a wood mount. It is labelled, "Thread of Love" on the embossed stamped brass plate on the end of the slide. Slide is 4" x 7" (10 x 18 cm).



This slide is entitled 'Virtue'. The image depicts a young lady leaning against a tree, waiting for her lover. Will he ever come back? She pledged her troth and will wait.... for ever. The slide is mounted in a wooden frame.

Hand coloured magic lantern slide with an  image of the German Romantic Period entitled 'The Married Couple'. According to the label on one side of the frame it could be a copy of the work of the German painter Eduard Bendemann (1811-1889). It shows a newly married couple at their wedding with the bridal wreath above them.

The frame is made of mahogany. Size 7 x 4 x 3/8" Glass: 3" diameter.


Each of these slides is marked with the title of the song on the outside, and the name and address of the photographers, Scott and Van Altena, printed on the interior mat.
This gorgeous hand coloured set of glass slides was produced by photographers Scott & Van Altena, "The Masters of the Song Slides" in New York from 1904. Edward Van Altena acted as photographer; John Duer Scott as colourist. They produced a lot of Singalong Slides (live model illustrated song slides) with stunning hand coloured, photographic montage effects, long before Photo Shop.

Here are two slides from a set of 16 that illustrate a song recorded in 1912, entitled 'Let's Grow Old Together, Honey'.

Highly detailed chromolithographic image of two young people. The image is based on the poem 'Coming Thro' the Rye' by Robert Burns (1759 - 1796).

A stamp marked 'W.Moody Bell - Collonade - CHELTENHAM' is on the mahogany frame. A long label to the underneath of the slide is marked " Selected Pictures - Coming Thro' the Rye." Dimensions 4" x 7" (10 x 18 cm).
"Should a body meet a body Coming through the rye, Should a body kiss a body, Need a body cry?
O Jenny is all wet, poor body, Jenny is seldom dry: She draggled all her petticoats, Coming through the rye!

This complete set of four black and white magic lantern slides is also depicting the sweet Scottish love story 'Coming through the Rye'. They are numbered 1 - 4 in the top right corner. At the upper left corner the manufacturer's trade mark and at the top centre the title of the set.

At the bottom the name of the manufacturer: J. Lizars, Aberdeen.

The slides are 8.2 x 8.2 cm.


This magic lantern slide that is made by the American manufacturer C.T. Milligan, Philadelphia, must be considered as a parody on Robert Burns' traditional children's song. It shows a drunken Irishman with jugs and bottles of Rye, walking through the barrels filled with Rye Whiskey.

Slide is glass with a cardboard frame and overall size is 3 1/4" x 4" (ca 10 x 8 cm).

The Children's Home. A story of a young love.
1. They played in their beautiful garden. 2. Beggars outside the gate. 3. Beggar maiden watched for him.
4. Once he had given her a flower. 5. She came again to the garden. 6. She crept away to her corner.
A magic lantern slide story set of life models entitled 'The Children's Home' after the song of the same name by Fred Weatherly en Frederic H. Cowen, (London: W. Morley & Co., 1881).
Made by G.M. Mason, England.

The set is complete (numbered 1 to 8) and depicts the young love between a well looked after boy from a Victorian Children's home with a young street beggar girl.

The slides measure 8,2 x 8,2 cm and the title of the slide is printed above the picture.

7. But that pale, pale face in the garden. 8. The gates of heaven are wide.
Another set of magic lantern slides after the same song, this time made by Bamforth & Co., Engeland.
Title. Outside the gates, the beggars passed on in their misery   But there was one of the children who could not join in the play  
Her thin white hands through the railings stretched out so eagerly   She came again to the garden, but the little white face had vanished   She crept away to her corner down by the murky stream  
(Effect) But the pale face in the garden shone through her restless dream Dissolving-effect between the slides 5 and 6. And that high-born child and beggar passed homeward side by side

A magic lantern slide in a 4" x 7" (10 x 18 cm) hardwood mount. The glass slide can be removed from the frame and measures 3.25" x 4" (8.2 x 10 cm).
On the wood mount, in what appears to be writing done with a steel nib pen, are the words "Irish Characters - Paddy Makin' Love." The paper label on the glass of the slide bears the same words.

The slide was a product of T.H. Mcallister, New York, one of America's largest optical manufacturers of the nineteenth century.

1. Title
2. Take my head on your shoulder
3. Tired of my play
4. Why do your big tears fall
5. Mother is not far away
6. When I am big like you
7. Good night, Daddy
A story set of life model slides entitled 'Daddy' after the song 'Daddy' by Mary Mark Lemon and A.H. Behrend. The manufacturer is G.M. Mason, England.

The set is complete (numbered 1 to 7) and depicts the struggles of a daughter to console her grieving father after his wife's death.

More slide sets after the song 'Daddy'.


The slides measure 4 x 3.25. Printed on the front of the slide are name and address of the manufacturer, Genre Transparency Co.
Bye Bye Kid.
Nine slides from a larger set of singalong slides belonging to the song Bye Bye Kid.  The slides are numbers 3, 4 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, Chorus and Title. The title slide reads: Slides by Genre Chicago Words by Olive L. Frields. Music by Harry L. Newman Published by Sunlight Music Co. Grand Opera House Chicago Ill.



Hand painted magic lantern slide housed within wood.

The picture is after a painting by Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen called "First, Give Me a Kiss." He was a German artist who lived from 1813-1866. The painting shows his signature with Berlin, 1872, beneath it. A little girl with a jug stands next to a well. A little boy is blocking her and asking for the kiss. The slide is marked 'T. H. McAllister, Optician, NY'. On the side it has a paper label stating 'Selected Pictures - First, give me a kiss'. The slide measures 7 inches by 4 inches.


"Second Childhood". Wonderful magic lantern slide of a couple of elderly lovers blowing bubbles.

Funny single slipping slide.

"THE REAL CONVENIENCE OF MATRIMONY". Magic lantern slide showing a really lovely and charming scene of a man assisting his wife with thread.
The slide is 4"x 7" (10 x 18 cm).
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