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Love stories, told by images on magic lantern slides.

The Honeymoon.
1. Introductory  J.V. 2. Glad is the bright Honeymoon  J.V. 3. There's a cloud on the bright Honeymoon  J.V.
4. Light's waning fast in the bright Honeymoon.  J.V. 5. ....... out in the sweet Honeymoon.  J.V. 6. There lies not a cloud on the sweet Honeymoon.  J.V.

The first slide is labelled "Class...Disolving Pictures. 2A The First Meeting."

The second is labelled " XXVII Disolving Pictures. Minutes After--The Declaration."

A set of two dissolving glass magic lantern slides in a wood mount depicting a pair of Scotish lovers. That guy was a fast worker!

The name of the manufacturer, T.H. McAlister, Optician New York, is printed in the wood of the frame.

The Bashful Lover.

This 3.25" x 4" (10 x 8.2 cm) magic lantern slide features a flirty woman shelling peas and a bashful beau. From the studio of T.W. Ingersoll, St. Paul, Minnesota.


Rivals in love.
Two square hand painted magic lantern slides in a wooden frame depicting two suitors offering their arms to a lady. The lady chooses and walks away with one of the men. Anger and grief for the other one.

Manufacturer unknown. There seems to be an unreadable signature in a corner of the second slide.

1. Intro. with title. 2. O! Laddie was somebody's darling, so somebody often said. 3. O! Laddie, Laddie, Laddie, I never can love but thee.
4. The idol he made a victim was laid at the shrine of the God of Gold. 5. So sunlight was changed into shadow and he bowed his head in the strife. 6. For love tarried late, and the golden gate has severed their lives for aye.
A love story in eight square 8.2 cm slides


Made by Bamforth & Co, England, by Life Models.
7. But in the green acre of heaven where somebody knows he sleeps.
8. 'O! Laddie, Laddie, Laddie, come back if 'tis but to say'.


Cottar's Saturday Night.

Great magic lantern slide made by T.H. McAllister N.Y. after the poem 'The Cotter's Saturday Night' by Robert Bur (17591796) and an illustration by John Faed. 

On the side of the wooden frame is a (damaged) glued label with the title of the slide and a strophe of the poem "Cottar's Saturday Night"
"Tis when a youthful loving modest pair, In others arms breathe out the tender tale."

The Parish Clerk.

Set of twelve Life Model slides made by York & Son, England after a 'tale of true love' by Charles Dickens.

'Once upon a time, in a very small country town, at a considerable distance from London, there lived a little man named Nathaniel Pipkin, who was the parish clerk of the little town, and lived in a little house in the little High Street, within ten minutes' walk from the little church; and who was to be found every day, from nine till four, teaching a little learning to the little boys. Nathaniel Pipkin was a harmless, inoffensive, good-natured being, with a turned-up nose, and rather turned-in legs, a cast in his eye, and a halt in his gait; and he divided his time between the church and his school, verily believing that there existed not, on the face of the earth, so clever a man as the curate, so imposing an apartment as the vestry-room, or so well-ordered a seminary as his own.'
1. Nathaniel Pipkin teaching the little boys. 2. Mr Pipkin suddenly enchanted by the bewitching Maria Lobbs. 3. Pipkin sat himself down at the window.
4. Pipkin had the temerity to kiss his hand to Maria Lobbs. 5. Kate encouragingly beckoned Nathaniel to advance. 6. Pipkin went down on his knees on the dewy grass.
7. There was a very snug little party. 8. A game at blindman's-buff. 9. They were thrust into a couple of closets.
10. Old Lobbs dragged him out by the collar.
11. 'This harmless person, sir, has been asked here'.
12. The girls appear with much giggling and modesty.
Tit for Tat.

A set of 7 magic lantern slides made by G.M. Mason, England, ca 1885, after a song by Nemo and Henry Pontet. Slides 3 and 6, however, are from another set of plates of the same name made by Bamforth & Co. They were probably mistakenly switched by a previous owner.
  1. Title slide.
2. Along the fields. 3. I met a loving lad.
4. He helped me - 'two' 5. Stay where you are.
6. Then he helped me -'four'-
7. But sat upon the stile.

A SOLDIER'S FAREWELL. Lovely slide published by Scott and Van Altena, 59 Pearl St. N.Y.C. as number 4 of a set. Size: 4 x 3 1/4 in.

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