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Love stories, told by images on magic lantern slides.

In the Valley where the Blue Birds sing.
Beautiful set of 14 square magic lantern life model sets made by Bamforth, c. 1905. The set is made after the song of the same name by Monroe Rosenfeld and Alfred Solman. The 14th slide with the words of the chorus is missing here.
1. Intro with Title
2. There's a picture in my heart that lives for ever
3. By a brook that always murmured love's sweet song
4. At the window I can see my sweetheart waiting
5. I can see her in the valley where we parted
6. In the valley where the blue birds sing
7. I can hear her voice it seems
8. I can see the moonlight gleaming on the river
9. In the verdant meadow I can see her strolling
10. Its recollections fondest mem'ries bring
11. How I long to see my sweetheart who is waiting
12. In the valley where the church bells ring
13. Down in the valley where the blue birds sing
14. Words of Chorus


Love Triangle.
Single slipping slide in a wooden frame 7 x 4 inches (18 x 10 cm).
1. Intro. with Title. 2. In the hush of a golden twilight when all the world was gone.
3. I have a rose, a white, white rose, 'twas given me long ago. 4. It lies in an old book faded between the pages white.
5. I have a love, the love of years, bright as the purest star. 6. I have a love, the star of years, its light alone I see.
The Flight of Ages

is a set of seven Live Model slides made by Bamforth and Co, England, c. 1900.
It was made after a song written by Fred Weatherly and Frederick Bevan, (London: Boosey & Co., 1890).

The square magic lantern slides measure 8.2 x 8.2 cm.

7. And every star may fall from heaven and every rose decay.

This is a black and white glass advertising magic lantern slide reading, "IT TAKES THE RING TO KEEP THE GIRL. Buy Your Holiday Gifts at.." The style of the graphic is definitely Art Nouveau. Slide was meant to be projected on the screen of a theatre, vaudeville house, or other auditorium during intermission periods to advertise local merchants. The bottom of the slide is blank so that the name of the local store could be written in with pen or pencil. Size: 10 x 8.3 cm.

Love unto Death (first series).
This large set of slides consists of two series, each containing 12 pictures. The 24 slides form the complete story, which has been composed as a Service of Song. The two sets are published by Theobald & Co. between 1900 and 1905. It starts with: No 1. A group of gipsies seated on the heath at their evening meal. Leading actors are Conrad, a boy who although not exactly a gipsy, travels with them, and Norah who becomes his girl friend.

Love unto Death (second series).
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