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Love stories, told by images on magic lantern slides.

Down by the Ferry.
A love story told by a wonderful set of 21 magic lantern slides made by the English manufacturer Bamforth & Co. after the song 'Down by the Ferry', words and music by Harry Dacre (pseudonym of Frank Dean), a British songwriter best known for his composition "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two)", (London: Frank Dean & Co., 1902).

1. Introduction, with Title. 2. Young Robin Gray is sitting on the stile. 3. He gazes on the valley far below, and sees the river flow.
4. A lovely little lassie stems the stream. 5. Poor Robin cannot fly -- he has no wings -- so, at a distance, sings. 6. Down by the ferry dwells Rosie Lee.
7. We'll pull together, when she's my wife. 8. Words of Chorus. 9. The sun has given place to moon and stars.
10. The valley all in purple shadow lies. 11. Two lovers by the river wend their way. 12. You know the kind of bird -- he has no wings.
13. She is very fond of me. 14. Away we'll float in our own little boat. 15. The valley wears a bridal-veil of snow.
16. The blushes and the orange-blossoms tell the tale we know so well. 17. Bold Robin Gray is gloriously dressed in all his 'Sunday-best'. 18. The wedding-bells are ringing loud and long.
19. Down by the ferry dwells Rosie Lee. 20. We'll pull together when she's my wife. 21. In our own little boat down the stream of life.
Paul and Virginie - Paul en Virginie.
Paul et Virginie is a novel written by the French author Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. It was published in 1787 and is sometimes described as a kind of Romeo and Juliet in a tropical setting.

The story begins in 1726. The French colony Île de France, now Mauritius, is a refuge for many who have fled the strict laws of the homeland and two young women, Marguerite Duval and Sophie de la Tour, want to start a new life on that island. Marguerite expects a child from her lover, a man of French nobility, who did not want to marry because of the difference in status. Sophie married a simple citizen and was therefore rejected by her relatives and by the Parisian elite. Soon after their arrival, her husband dies of some fever when he is in Madagascar to buy a few slaves; the pregnant Sophie is on her own.

Sophie and Marguerite have become friends and have found a new home in the "Valley of clear water". Their children, Paul and Virginie, grow up in a paradise and are raised as brother and sister by the two widows. Both mothers agree to let marry the two children when they are old enough. Virginia's aunt proposes to send her niece to France. Virginia accepts that, although she is desperate to leave Paul, whom she loves. Two years later she sails back to Mauritius Island, but her ship is pushed against reefs by a tempest and Paul fails to save her. Shortly afterwards he died of grief.

The set of twelve lantern slides is packed in a box from the manufacturer Richard Rösch, Dresden. Probably the set was released in England by Theobald & Co. They are 8.3 x 8.3 cm in size.

The first slide of a set French magic lantern slides telling the story of Paul and Virginie.

Love and Marriage.

Two silhouette slides made by an unknown manufacturer. Size: 8.2 x 8.2 cm.


Love makes inventive. The maidservant uses the sewer to be kissed by her secret lover, the policeman, after removal of the manhole cover.
A double slipping slide in a wooden frame. Shifting one slide causes the maid to rise out of the sewer, the other slipping slide makes the agent sneak into her direction over the sidewalk.

Quite a lot of moving slides have been made with this kind of pun. This joke is based on the same-sounding English word for an old couple (pair) and a fruit (pear).
The dimensions of this single slipping slide are 17.5 x 10 cm, the diameter of the image is approximately 6.5 cm.

Catastrophe slide made by York & Son, England. Slide # 20, A and B.
To be continued!!!
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