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Plaques verre française pour la lanterne magique.
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French magic lantern slides are generally easy to identify as such. The drawings are usually rather simple and feature lines and bright colours against a transparent background. They are often provided with a kind of 'sheet' containing an accompanying text in handwriting. We find this characteristic almost exclusively on slides of French manufacturers. Usually the plates with the image are not provided with a protective glass. As a result, the slides have often been seriously damaged over the years. The paper border is usually coloured green. The best known manufacturers of these slides were Lapierre and Aubert.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.
Little Red Riding Hood.

Fantaisies Caricatures.
Original wooden box with twelve rectangular slides for the magic lantern.
Title: "Fantaisies Caricatures" ("caricature fantasies").
Size 244 x 61 mm.

Two painted glass magic lantern slides with caricatured figures. Dimensions: 25.5 x 6.5 cm. A title is written on the paper edge: "Grotesque".
Though crudely painted in a 'primitive' style, the colours have great vivacity, especially when projected on to the screen.
Riquet la Houppe - Riquet with the Tuft.

"Little Red Riding Hood", "Puss in Boots", "The Sleeping Beauty" - these fairytales written by Charles Perrault are well-known and loved by children around the world. "Riquet with the Tuft" was first published in 1697. A fairy gives an ugly prince Riquet the gift: he can give the wisdom to the one he loves the best. The prince has to choose one of two princesses: the elder one is beautiful but stupid, the younger one is clever but ugly. He gives the gift of intelligence to the elder princess in exchange for the promise of marriage. Riquet comes to marry her but she refuses. The princess also tells him that she also got a magic gift – she can give the beauty to the one she loves. She thinks about Riquet and decides to give this gift to him. She marries Riquet and they live happily to a great age.
This set of large magic lantern slides differs greatly from the usual French design due to the black background. However, the well-known handwritten texts are present. The slides are mounted in a wooden frame. Height 10.5 cm, length 35 cm.

Four 22 x 5.5 cm magic lantern slides with caricatures of actors from the 1850s / 1900s from the Parisian theatres.

Actors: Panchard, Jambon, Chollet, Potier, Lafont, Huet, Barvillet, Duprez.

Actresses: Tillon, Dejazet, Touzet, Falco, Mars, Prohan, Rose, Leroux, Stolz and Dorval.

Some were very famous in their days.


Geneviève de Brabant

A set of 6 glass magic lantern slides with two illustrations per slide. Each slide is provided with a text block containing the two parts of the story that belong to the illustrations. The dimensions of the slides are 21 x 5 cm. Geneviève de Brabant plays the leading role in a popular medieval legend and is said to have lived in about the middle of the 8th century. According to legend, Geneviève, the wife of Siegfried, Count of Treves and Brabant, was falsely accused of adultery by one of her servants, Major Golo. She was condemned by Siegfried and was taken into the woods with her son Scherzenreich where they were to be killed. She succeeded in persuading the two executioners to spare them both and was abandoned in the woods. Then Geneviève and her son lived in a cave in the Ardennes where the child was nourished by a red roe. Seven years later, Siegfried, having discovered Golo's treachery long after he was told his wife and son were dead, was out hunting in the woods. One of the red deer he was chasing took refuge in the cave and there Siegfried found his wife and infant son. Geneviève was reinstated in her former honour.

A large glass magic lantern slide with beautiful " figures de femme en buste ", France at the end of the 19th century.
Dimensions: 29.8 cm x 7.5 cm.
Caricatures Humoristiques
Set of 3 glass magic lantern slides. Colorized illustrations. Humorous Caricatures. The characters on the first plate are annotated:
Cadet Rousselle, Le Roy d'Yvetot, Le Roy Dagobert, St. Eloi. Late 19th century. Format 25.6 x 6.4 cm.
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