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Once upon a time....

there was a wolf who approached a little girl in the wood. The girl did not know what a malicious beast it was, and so she was not at all afraid. 'Hello sweet girl' the wolf said in a mellifluous voice, 'Whither away so early?' 'To my granny' the child replied truthfully. 'She is ill and weak. I'll bring her wine and some meat. She might have something nice and strengthening.' The wolf showed a remarkable interest. 'Where does your Grandmother live? he asked.
Of course the girl had better not answered, however she did....
Wonderful hand painted magic lantern slide, framed in mahogany. Made by the London firm of Lejeune, c. 1875. The label reads 'Selected Pictures - Little Red Riding Hood - Le Jeune.'. Size frame 7" x 4"; glass 3" diameter.
Le Petit Chaperon rouge est envoyé par sa mère pour porter un pot de beurre et une galette a sa mère grand.
Le Petit Chaperon rouge ayant rencontré compère le loup. Commet l'imprudence de lui ensaignait (mispelling; in fact, read "enseigner") la demeure de sa mère grand.
Le Petit Chaperon rouge s'amuse le long de son chemin à courir après les papillons.
Qui est là? C'est votre petite-fille dit loup, qui vous apporte un pot de beurre et une galette. Tire la chevillette, la bobinette cherra (old French: move the locker and it will get open) répondit la mère grand.
Qui est là? dit le loup. C'est votre petite fille qui vous apporte un pot de beurre et une galette. Tire la chevillette et la bobinette cherra répondit le loup.
'Le Petit Chaperon Rouge', French, about 1850. Long, unmounted glass strip, dimensions 9" x 2.5" (23 x 6 cm). These five slides are from a series of (probably) six. The contours of the figures and the texts are applied by the calqueer method and coloured by hand afterwards. Those French slides, which were mostly added to lanterns from Aubert and Lapierre, incorporate characteristic manuscript-style captions.
Magic lantern, Lapierre

Another French set of Petit Chaperon slides, probably made by Lapiere.

Single Slipping Slide in a wooden frame. When suddenly the wolf makes his appearance Little Red Riding Hood is frightened. The expression on her face shows this clearly.

1. Red Riding Hood helping her mother. 2. Her grandmother giving her a red cloak. 3. The red cloak admired.
4. Packing up some things for grandmother. 5. Red Riding Hood meets the wolf. 6. Red Riding Hood wishing the wolf goodbye.
7. The wolf in grandmother's cottage. 8. Red Riding Hood approaching her grandmother's cottage. 9. Red Riding Hood speaking to her grandmother.
10. Red Riding Hood taking soup to the bedside. 11. The woodman to the rescue. 12. Death of the wolf.
The complete story told in a set of twelve 3 1/4" x 3 1/4" slides (above) made by Theobald & Co., and in a set of four oblong slides with the same pictures, 9 x 2.5" or 23 x 6.3 cm (example below).

Two long magic lantern slides from the set E made by Ernst Plank. There are twelve slides in this series picturing several fairy tales.


Set of 10 magic lantern slides in a mahogany frame, sizes c. 18 x 10 cm.
Hand painted. Manufacturer unknown.

In this more animal- and children friendly version of the cruel story, Little Red Riding Hood does not allow killing the wolf, but sells the beast to a Wild Beast Show.
The slides form part of a set, framed in mahogany and bearing the label of Williams, Brown & Earle, Philadelphia c. 1890. Size: 4 x 3 1/4"  (8 x 10 cm).
Six square magic lantern slides from a probably larger series; the story is not finished.The manufacturer is unknown. The style of the images is strongly reminiscent of the lantern slides above. Two of them are even almost completely the same. The slides are labelled with the text 'Permission of Cassell & Co. Cassell & Co is a British book publisher, founded in 1848 by John Cassell, who expended to an international company in the 1890s. Probably the images are taken from the illustrations from one of their fairy-tale books.
Another set lantern slides that ends like the set before: the wolf is donated to a travelling circus.
Three slides from part 603 of the Junior Lecturers Series from Primus, made by W. Butcher, London.

1. Title -- Little Red Riding Hood. 2. This Hood was so neat and became her so well that as folk went to market their butter to sell. 3. 'You may visit, my dear, Grandmamma, if you will, for I'm sorry to hear she has been very ill'.
4. As she went through the wood, a Wolf followed behind, who to eat the poor child had a very great mind. 6. While the little girl slowly continued her way, now gathering flowers, now smelling the hay. 7. The Wolf soon arrived at the red cottage door, where he listened and heard the poor Grandmother snore.
Seven slides from a beautiful set of twelve square magic lantern slides probably made by Bamforth & Co., England..
9. Soon little Red Riding Hood came with 'tap, tap'; very soft -- not to startle her out of her nap.    
Two slides from the same series, but this time in a black and white version. The second picture is probably # 10, which is missing in the set above.

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