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A wonderful 19th century magic lantern produced by McIntosh Battery & Optical, Chicago, with a fine gold tracery and painting on the front face.
The lantern is standing 33" (84 cm) tall (!) and 18" (46 cm) long with two doors; the side one with a cobalt window and the back door with the emblem of the manufacturer. A beautiful lantern with remarkable adjustable legs at the front.

Manufacturer of this magic lantern is the American manufacturer and retailer of 'Military and Society Goods' M.C. Lilley. (1880s).

At the side door a little shield that reads 'M. C. LILLEY CO. MILITARY & SOCIETY GOODS, COLUMBUS OHIO'.


This lantern is marked "The M.C. Lilley & Co. Columbus, Ohio".

This magic lantern has a nickel-plated lens assembly and legs that have a lizard skin pattern and a fleur-de-lis decoration.


A number of holes in the lamp housing have also the shape of a French Lily (Fleur-de-Lis).
The lantern is fitted with a slide holder for American type slides and can also be suited with a special holder for a Pettibone 'spider wheel or peacock wheel' with 10 slides which has to be rotated to project all slides. This wheel is made of cast aluminium. The storage box can also be used as a stand for the lantern. The lamp housing is made of tin. The lantern is 56 cm long and 35.5 cm wide.
Late Victorian period magic lantern with it's original wood carrying case made by the James W. Queen Company in Philadelphia.

The projector is made of enamelled tin with a walnut base and a brass front lens and lens cap. There are especially nice decorative cartouches with a central rose cast in the sides, and the original brass Queen & Co. Opticians Phila. medal is on the back, with a detailed Eagle logo.

Measurements of the box are 19 1/2" length, 8" width and 12" height. The projector measures 18" length, 5 1/2" width and 10" height.
This large magic lantern is signed A.T.THOMPSON & CO. MANUFACTURERS BOSTON,MASS., U.S.A. The bellows slide in or out. The brass lens screws into the front plate and has an adjustable brass focus. The lens is signed O.B., surrounded by a crown and the text - Made In France.

Large magic lantern made  A.T. Thomas Co. Boston Massachusetts. The dimensions of the base are ca 30 x 15 cm, lantern measures ca 39 cm long en 12 cm across.

Antique wood and coated brass French made magic lantern with Petzval lens. Imported and retailed by the prestigious Boston firm of A. T. Thompson & Co.  This lantern dates to the late 19th century when this was the most sophisticated education device used by schools, fraternities and other government agencies. Engraved on the brass lens: A. T. Thompson & Co, Importers, Boston.
Richly decorated magic lantern manufactured by Henderson & Ames - Kalamazoo, Michigan, ca 1905. Measures 7" x 17.5"  x 22" (18 x 44.5 x 56 cm).
Rochester magic lantern, according to the manual 'The neatest, cheapest, and best lantern ever introduced. Made entirely of brass and well lacquered.'

Rare American magic lantern The Yale ". Although most of the paint has disappeared, the name of the lantern is still visible on the side walls and on the top we still read 'Pat'd Mar. 31. 1891 J.S. & Co. N.Y.'
The four capitals B.L.P.C. are the trade mark of the American manufacturer of magic lanterns BRENKERT LIGHT PROJECTION Co. Detroit, Michigan, maker of the Brenograph, a large double lantern, arranged vertically, that was popular for many years through the 1920 to the 1950s. This is their Companion Magic Lantern.
This magic lantern made by T. J. HARBACH, PHILADELPHIA, is 47 cm long and has a beautiful embossed design on both sides and a brass plaque with the manufacturer's name on the back door.
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