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The German company of Johann Falk was the smallest of the Nuremberg magic lantern manufacturers. Falk was related to almost all the other manufacturers of Nurenberg. He started as a sales representative for Georg Carette, founded his own company about 1895 and took over at least part of the production of Jean Schoenner by 1907. After World War I the company set up a close corporation with the Bing brothers in the 1920s. Some products of that time have even a combined JF and BW trade mark. To prevent an expropriation in the 1930s - Falk was a Jew - he sold all of his interest to the Schaller brothers, who already owned the factory of Ernst Plank.

Small magic lantern/cinematograph made of red painted and nickeled tin; chimney made of Russian Iron. Marks on cardboard box: 'J. R. 25. 6. 13. 250000. No. 193 KLG.  Made in Germany'. Sizes (l, w, h): 25 x 9 x 25 cm. Sizes box: 10 x 26 x 19 cm. Suitable for slides of 4.5 cm wide.

Another ceramic lantern, probably also made by Johann Falk.
See also: Spherical ceramic lantern made by Max Dannhorn.
   Ceramic Lantern, 1895.

This rare, wonderful magic lantern with three sides of 'Keramikfliesen' (ceramic tiles) was on sale in two sizes and with various flower designs. The smallest measures 12,5 x 9 x 22 cm. The access door at the tin back of the lantern has the initials "D.R.G.M." embossed in the metal.

(Same lantern with another floral pattern on Special magic lanterns.)

On top an electric bulb holder. Sizes: 23 cm (9") tall, 14,5 cm (5 3/4") deep and 12 cm (4 3/4")  wide. Gilt feet.



Black tin plate toy lantern with a long chimney and four silver coloured claw feet.


Magic lantern c. 1900.

Made of 'Russian iron' and chromium plated tin. Chimney in Western locomotive style. Slides are clasped into the slide holder by means of a pushing sheet and two springs beside the objective. Sizes: 6 x 8 x 18 inches (15 x 12 x 46 cm). (My First Magic Lantern! See also: What's the fun of a magic lantern?)

Three simple toy magic lanterns

One has the manufacturer's initials 'JF' embossed on the access door on the side; the other two have the initials stamped on the front. They use a small kerosene lamp as a source of light.

Toverlantaarn in haar originele houten opbergkist, ongeveer 32,5 cm hoog, 29,5 cm diep en 10 cm breed;  de kist is ongeveer 32,5 cm breed and 25,5 cm diep en 15 cm hoog.


This red 'mailbox' magic lantern is 11" tall including the chimney. The body of the lantern is 6.25" tall by 3.75" wide. The red painted body is decorated by black pin striping. There is also the original labelled box and a complete set of the 12 original glass slides and an additional set of 12 slides. The small gold metal shield attached to the front of the lantern contains J.F.'s trade mark, an image of a brick tower with the initials J. and F. on either side and 'Made in Germany' below. Instructions for the use of the lantern are on the inside of the cover in German, French and English.

Some years after the First World War Johann Falk established a close cooperation with the Bing brothers, producing some products with a combined JF and BW trade mark.


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