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depicted on magic lantern slides.
part 3a - Transvaal.
Transvaal in War.

It was York & Son, England, who made this beautiful set of slides, apart from the subject matter. The complete set consists of no less than 6 parts of 50 magic lantern slides each, making 300 slides in total. It is impossible to display all of these on this site; we only show almost all the slides from part 1 here.

The slides are square, 8.3 x 8.3 cm and are numbered 1-50.
The sizes of the images are very diverse as the images from magazines are used for this. Some have the portrait format, others the landscape format, and some are square. The images sometimes mention the source: 'From the "Graphic'' ' or 'Black & White'.
44. Lancers Engaging a Party of Boers.
7. Chamberlain. 8.  Milner. 12. General White.
2. Mounted Outlanders going to meet Jameson. 3. Battle of Krugersdorp.
5. Types of Boer Military 9. Boers leaving Johannesburg.
10. Besieging Recruiting Station at Capetown. 11. War and the Queen's Shilling
14. Exodus of British from Johannesburg. 15. Shipping Horses.
16. Departure of First Army Corps. 17. Writing Last Letter before Leaving.
18. The last Link with Home 19. Feeding Troopers on Board.
46. A Scene at Talana Hill after the Battle.
23. Fleet of Transports for the Cape. 25. Departure of Dublin Fusiliers from Maritzburg.
27. A Brush with the Boers at Ladysmith. 28. Armoured Train going into Action.
29. Ladysmith. 30. The Dark Side of Victory.
31. 'Long Tom' on Bulwana Mountain. 35. Final Charge.
36. A well-aimed Shell. 37. The Last Cartridge.
49. Lancers Storming a Boer Lagaar, Besters Hill.
38. Dispatch Runner Overtaken. 39. Battle of Rietfontein.
40. Storming of Grobler's Kloof. 41. Nicholson's Nek.
43. Boers Destroying Railway Track. 45. Taking Talana Hill by the British.
47. Artillery Racing into Action on Pepworth Hill. 48. Imperial Light Horse to the Rescue, Pepworth Hill.
50. Royal Visit to the Hospital Ship 'Princess of Wales'. ??.
34. Charge of Guards at Elands Laagte.
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