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Paintings, pictures from books, engravings, drawings, and other images depicting the magic lantern.

Mid-19th C. lithograph by the famous French artist Gavarni. This is the title page of a book containing numerous lithographs that were not related to the magic lantern. This title page however depicts an itinerant lanternist. The overall dimensions are 27 x 38 cm, or 10 x 15 inches.

Today we find this itinerant lanternist back in the logo of the Dutch Virtual Magic lantern museum 'de Luikerwaal'.

Gavarni could never have had any suspicion that his engraving should ever play such an important role at the World Wide Web.


"LA LANTERNE MAGIQUE" (The Magic Lantern), a hand coloured story sheet printed by Pellerin, France, showing a travelling showman performing a magic lantern show. The English version of the sheet was printed expressly for the Humoristic Publishing Co, Kansas City.

"Magic Lantern ! curious plays ! approach good little girls and boys; you shall see what you shall see: Pull the string, my wife."

Sizes: 11 3/4" x 15 3/4"(30 cm x 40 cm).

This more then 125 year old wood-cut engraving is titled "The Magic Lantern - Drawn by S.G. McCutcheon". The picture was published in "Harper's Young People" April 5, 1881. Dimensions minus margins are 5" x 6.75" (12.7 x 17 cm).

This antique wood-cut engraving is titled "The Magic Lantern - Drawn by H.G. Hine", and was published in "The Illustrated London News" December, 1858. This engraving is 7 x 9 inches (17.7 x 23 cm) in size.
Rare and exceptionally large engraving by François-Joseph Bosio, 1st Empire, early 19th century.
Hand coloured, signed lower left and titled "La Lanterne Magique (The Magic Lantern)".
Large format, printed image dimensions 44.4 cm x 31 cm, total page dimensions 65.5 cm x 47.4 cm.

A traveling lantern showman, accompanied by an assistant carrying a music box, giving a show in a fashionable French home, The family is huddled near the lantern and the screen. It appears the household staff is permitted to watch the show from behind a screen.

European settler shows the African natives religious scenes using a magic lantern. Abraham about to kill his son.

Coloured engraving from 1879.
Two engravings showing the same subject: Savoyards.

The first one is a nice book plate showing a family of show people, the father carrying a magic lantern on his back. The paper is watermarked 1816. About 3.75" x 6" (9.3 x 15.3 cm).

The second engraving shows a family of Savoyards leaving to make their tour of France. About 11.5 x 7 cm without margins. Engraving on laid paper.
During the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Savoyards with their peep-shows and magic lanterns were familiar sights on the street. They hailed from Savoie, the region in South-eastern France by the Swiss and Italian borders.
Engraving published in "Harper's Weekly" Feb. 2, 1878. Dimensions of the engraved area minus margins, 7" x 9"; size of entire page: 10.5" x 15.5".

Le Bon Genre, No. 31, Le Vieux Style.
A fashionably dressed young man, with a young lady on each arm, stands behind a seated old lady who holds a magic lantern to project an image of various moral figures in earlier costume.
The English fashions are shown as caricatures to show how badly the English were dressed in comparison to the French.

Original hand-coloured engraving, 20.5 x 26.5cm., Paris, early 19th century.

Paul Sandby (c.1730-1809): The Laterna Magica, 1760, Watercolor and body color over pen and ink, 37 x 53.6cm (British Museum, London.
"La Lanterne Magique" (the Magic Lantern), a very nice 18th century French print engraved by J. Daulle in 1757 after the painting by J.B.M. Pierre.

Measuring about 17" x 11 3/4" (42.5 x 29.5 cm), untrimmed.
The Dutch book 'Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid' (The Great Theatre of Folly) was published in Amsterdam, 1720.

One of the most interesting engravings is the 'Actieuse NACHT-WIND-Zanger met zijn Tover Slons', which is 18th century Dutch for 'Night-wind singer with his Magic Lantern in action'.
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