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Second Life is a virtual world that is accessible on the Internet. A free computer program enables its users to interact with each other as 'living' creatures through so called avatars. Its 'residents' can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another, or simply travel throughout the world, all done in a full 3D-environment.

By means of a built-in three-dimensional modelling tool based around simple geometric shapes the residents are allowed to build virtual objects, if necessary combined with a scripting language which can be used to add functionality to the created objects. Textures for clothing or other objects, and animations and gestures can be created using external software. (www.secondlife.com)
Travelling in SL is very easy. The one moment you can walk in Amsterdam and only a few mouse clicks and some seconds later you can be in a totally different environment.

So on a sunny afternoon I decided to visit some shops in Japan. The streets were abandoned. Probably the people in Japan sleep at that time.
At the corner of an open Japanese shop I suddenly stopped as struck by lightning. My breath caught and my heart was pounding. I hardly could believe my eyes. Was is really true what I saw there, standing in the opposite corner of the shop? It looked like...... no, it really was a beautiful magic lantern!

Approaching the corner I now clearly could see the changing images that were projected on a large screen at the wall. I saw geishas, other Japanese people and foreign landscapes.
My eyes had not deceived me. Between a lot of tables, couch's beds, lamps and other furniture and home decorations I saw the splendid apparatus standing there on a beautiful antique walnut table. A fabulous double magic lantern, a bi-unial, and it really worked ! Someone had lit the burner inside it. Smoke was escaping through the beautiful shaped chimney. Magic lantern slides slipped in and out, as operated by an invisible hand.
At once I was touched by the meticulous design. Smoke particles of the burner inside the lantern leaving the chimney, a very detailed slide transport system, screws and nuts, caps that could cover up the lenses of the objectives, realistic handles. Even the small details like the small shield that revealed the name of the manufacturer and the scratches in the metal were notforgotten.
The gleaming walnut table was covered with some mahogany framed slides, depicting Japanese people and places.
The lenses are covered by a hinging cap when the lights are extinguished.
I was very pleased to discover that it was possible to add slides from the lantern's owner. This certainly requires some knowledge of editing objects in SL, but fortunately I am an experienced user. Thanks to the clear explanation of the designers it turned out to be a piece of cake to add some nice sets of my own favourite magic lantern slides.
The well-known story of the Elephant that takes revenge on its teaser.
I could no longer resist this desirable bi-unial and only some minutes later I was the proud owner of a real masterpiece in Second Life....., knowing I should never be able to purchase such a rare and expensive lantern in Real Life.

However I did not find that regrettable any more........

There is a wonderful bi-unial standing in my house in Second Life now.

Summary of the features:

- High resolution hand painted textures.
- Stunning animations for slide transport and caps.
- Build in heat particle system.
- Realistic 'living' light beam.
- Private and public modus
- Operated by a simple menu.
- Adjustable slideshow interval
- User Slide Set to add your own favourite slides.

Prims: 59.
Permissions: Modify / Transfer.
Price:  L$ 3,750 (approx.
11.50; US$ 14.50; BP 9.50)

How to buy this Bi-unial?

Go in Second Life to the location Japan Kanto (134,115,31) Hosoi Ichiba. Right click the square box besides the magic lantern and buy.

It is also possible to buy the lantern at SL Marketplace. Search for 'Hosoi Magic Lantern' and put it in your shopping car.

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