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The Magic Lantern!
Magic lantern slides depicting a magic lantern or a magic lantern scene.

French magic lantern slide entitled 'LA LANTERNE MAGIQUE et LE MONTREUR D'OURS' from the manufacturer Lapierre. A man carries a cage with a rabbit inside; another man comes running with a magic lantern in his hand. The caption to this scene is 'Kerisse' (?). Dimensions 6.5 x 27 cm.

A 'montreur' is someone who performs with curiosities, such as bears, puppets and ... the magic lantern.

Two hand- painted single slipping slides showing a lanternist during his performance. Both are 7" x 4" (18 x10 cm).

The name of the manufacturer is stamped into the frame:

The well-known explorer David Livingstone preaching the biblical story of Abraham and his son Isaac in Africa. The Christian missionary used the magic lantern as a way to tell Bible stories.
It is reported that panic broke out among the native onlookers when rather terrifying images suddenly appeared on the screen. Livingstone had to explain that there was no magic involved but only simple technology.



Victorian hand painted magic lantern slipping slide showing the image of a lanternist. When the slipping glass is operated the projected image of a Dutch windmill appears. It measures 7"x 4" (18 x 10 cm). 

Daddy gives a performance. Single slipping slide.

Wooden framed hand painted single slipping slide of a lanternist. c. 1880.
The slide measures 18 x 10 cm approx.

A hand-coloured photographic magic lantern slide showing a lanternist operating a Riley Kineoptoscope projector, c. 1897.

This slide is part of the Science Museum Group Collection.

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