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Compliments of the Season 2018.   Made by the webmaster of a mix of the lantern slides and magic lanterns below.




From the Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada Newsletter, January 2019.
Previously appeared in the MLG volume 2 no 2.
Translated by the webmaster in Dutch:

Twee reizigers ontmoetten elkaar in de kroeg,
De één lachte vrolijk toen de andere vroeg:
"Mijnheer, maak mij toch uw beroep eens bekend.
Hoe verdient gij de kost, mijn beste vent."

"Ik maak plaatjes, mijnheer", zei de olijke man,
"En iedereen zegt: 'Nou, die kan er wat van!' "
"U bent fotograaf! Toe, gun mij dan de eer.
Neem mij op de foto, die kans komt nooit weer".

"Nee, ik maak schilderijen, zoals voorheen
De Meesters dat deden, Frans Hals en Jan Steen".
"Ah, je bent een artiest, het is uit met ons spel;
Ik kan heel goed raden en ik wist het al snel."

"Nee niet geraden. Ik gebruik wel linnen daarbij.
En mijn doel is: Maak mensen en kinderen blij."
"Ha, ik denk het te weten. U brengt amusement.
U bent circusartiest in een canvas tent."
"Nee, weer niet goed. Mensen leren van mij
Over landen en dieren en menigerlei."
"Ah, je bent dus een leraar." "Nee, dat ben ik niet,
Maar wie reist vertelt anderen wat hij dan ziet."

"Als gij zoveel reist, ben ik niet meer verbaasd
Als ge'n tovenaar bent die zich magisch verplaatst."
"Het bestaan van magie wordt thans hevig betwist;
Dus noemt men mij meestal gewoon: Lantaarnist.

Raad maar, mijnheer, zoveel als ge wilt
Maar gij vindt niet wat uw nieuwsgierigheid stilt.
Ik stuur niets door de ruimte en laat het toch lijken
Of iedereen droombeelden zit te bekijken.

Ik ben Fotograaf, ik geef Les en ben Kunstenaar,
Humorist, Reiziger, Prediker, Tovenaar.
Als een Manager slim, als Docent vol verstand,
Maar boven dat al ben ik ook Exposant.  ---

Dan zal ik u nu het geheim openbaren:
Amsterdam fire brigade pulls out for fake fire on the wall.

The Amsterdam fire brigade was pulled out around 21:00 yesterday evening after an alarm report about a house fire in the Indische Buurt. Two fire trucks left urgently.
When the fire trucks arrived, the alarm sounded empty. A resident of the Javastraat projected a video of a fire on the wall from two floors, writes NH Nieuws. Extinguishing was not necessary.

Source: NOS, January 16, 2019.
This event is strongly reminiscent of projecting images with advertisements on blind walls and pavers long ago. The apparitions of ghosts and spooky figures in the past are also attributed to this type of projection.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2018/19.
The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event since 2012 in the center of Amsterdam. Light artworks and installations designed specifically for this occasion are exhibited throughout the city.

Project Neighbours by Tochka.

Painting with light. It is possible by moving a lamp through the air in the dark and capturing these movements in a photo with a sensitive camera with a slow shutter speed.

For Neighbours, Japanese artists Kazue Monno and Takeshi Nagata (together TOCHKA) made animated light drawings with children from 30 school classes from the Amsterdam region. The school children devised various activities, such as lighting a birthday cake or banging against the ceiling because the neighbours make too much noise. They painted those scenes with a small light. Of these, 12 recordings were made, which, when played one after the other, formed a short animation.

The result was projected during the Light Festival on the quay wall of the Schippersgracht with special analogue projectors built by the duo themselves. This type of projector that plays the figurines in a loop is known as the Théatre Optique and was invented in 1888 by the Frenchman Émile Reynaud.

Photos: Teun Huisman, Huizen, the Netherlands.
I like to watch the 'Salvage Hunters' program on the Discovery Channel, in which antique dealer Drew Pritchard is scouring country houses and the like in search of merchandise, but sometimes I almost cry when I see that he does not design to glance at a beautiful magic lantern, sometimes even a wonderful biunial, and then, extremely happy and satisfied, returns home with an old damaged lamp or a completely rusted-out, boring garden bench that looks so dirty that I would not even dare to take it to the garbage dump.

This article by Gwen Sebus and Michael van de Leur was published in The Magic Lantern No. 8 of March 2019, the magazine of the English Magic Lantern Society.

In the Piet Pirate Show, which was shown in theaters throughout Flanders from 6 April to 1 May, Piet Piraat, Stien Struis, Berend Brokkepap and Steven Stil each told one of the many exciting adventures they experienced on all their journeys . They received the help of a very special object: a magic lantern.

This Magic Lantern projected the most beautiful backgrounds that helped the pirates tell their story.
A Vitascope was an early film projector that was first demonstrated in 1895 by Charles Francis Jerkins and Thomas Armat. The name is now used for a 3D wooden puzzle / kit of a 'real' old film projector, complete with a film, marketed by the company ROKR.
This interesting puzzle is sold by Amazon and costs around 50 euros.

Beautiful 'Christmas Card', published by Bekking & Blitz in their Museum Cards series, with the image of a magic lantern slide from the series '40 jaar Amsterdam, De ziel van de stad (The soul of the city)'.
The complete set consists of 10 note cards with envelopes, 2 each of 5 black and white photos from a magic lantern slide.
Season Greetings 2019

from 'de Luikerwaal' showing a square magic lantern slide, 8,2 x 8,2 cm, reading 'Merry Christmas'.

We didn't know then that in March of the new year our lives would change completely ..... that terrible corona disaster that would hit us.


The Secret of the Pharaoh.

Just found in the recycling shop: A piece of ceramics that at first sight looks like a kind of holy water bowl with the head of a pharaoh. In hollow relief! Many would have thought: what should I do with that, but the webmaster recognized it immediately. This is a fascinating optical illusion. When the head is viewed from a distance with one eye closed and you wiggle a bit, you see the head in raised relief and, wonder of wonders..... when you move left or right, up or down, it seems like the pharaoh keeps following you everywhere.
The magical effect is enhanced by the small built-in light bulb.

This miraculous object may have been made of ivorine; it weighs very heavy and is 22 cm high and 17 cm wide.
Hard to see on the photo's that the relief is hollow because the camera is recording the image as it would be seen by one eye (mono) rather than two (stereo).
The same effect can be achieved with this paper dragon that seems to follow you continuously as you walk around the room. Cut-outs for this optical marvel are easy to find on the Internet. Print it, cut it, glu, done.
Christmas card from 'de Luikerwaal' 2020 with 14 motto slides with the compliments of the season.
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