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Postage stamps on the occasion of 125 Jahre Kino (125 years of Cinema). Switzerland, 2020.

Herman Bollaert (8 September 1929 - 8 April 2021)

With feelings of sadness I received the message that
Herman Bollaert
passed away.

We did not meet that often and in recent years even not at all, but the times we saw each other, always at the semi-annual Fotografica fairs in the Netherlands, he always greeted me enthusiastically with his juicy accent: 'Amai ... mister de Luikerwaal!!!', after which we had a long and animated chat at his booth.
Herman was a prominent magic lanternist and his Laterna Magica Galantee Show is legendary.
There will be an awful lot of people who miss him now.

Compliments of the season 2012
Dazzling works of art by Floor in 't Veld

The Dutch artist Floor in 't Veld makes light works: colourful abstract works that at first sight look like ordinary paintings but change completely when you use the accompanying remote control. Then a bright light shines through the canvas and a completely different image appears, instantaneously or in a flowing movement.

The layering of the works and the playing with the light are reminiscent of the dissolving view and other effects that can be achieved with a magic lantern.




It was with sadness that I received the message that
Annet Duller
passed away on November 10, 2022.

She was the one who helped me, and many others, with advice and action at the start of my collection of magic lanterns. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

At the photography fair, her stand was not only a point of sale, but also a meeting point for collectors and lanternists. This year, her booth remained eerily empty.

She is a great loss to the magic lantern world.


TV-magazine 'TROS-kompas'.
Nr 49, December 3, 2022.

Collections of readers.


A very short history about the start of my collection and how it continued.

For more:
What does Henc de Roo like so much about a magic lantern?

MAX Magazine
2023 No. 21
May 27 to June 2.

Also in MAX Magazine a small article about 'Mijn Verzameling (My Collection)'.
Unfortunately I was not given the text before publication, because then I could have removed some minor inaccuracies.

After all, I am only 79 years old !!!!
The Dutch Virtual Magic Lantern Museum 'de Luikerwaal' will exhibit part of the collection in the Huizen Library throughout December 2023. Exhibitions include magic lanterns, the oldest of which, a so-called lamposcope, could be placed on top of a regular oil lamp. This was already present in most households and it saved the purchase of a special lamp. The smallest magic lantern with a candle for lighting was a toy for the children. The larger lanterns were used for giving lectures, in education and in science. These were initially equipped with gas lighting, which often led to serious accidents. Cinematographs could show the glass strips with pictures as well as film strips showing, among other things, dancing clowns and moving trains. Episcopes could project non-transparent images such as postcards on the wall. In addition to magic lanterns, there are a number of stereo viewers to admire.
The annual Christmas 2023/New Year 2024 card.
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