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 part 2.
Just a lot of magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories.

The life of the Saviour.

Beautiful set of twelve square slides about the life of Jesus. Most slides are marked 'B&S Patent' what indicates the name of the manufacturer J. Barnard & Son, London, England.
The life of Christ: first series.
A set of twelve slides made by Theobald & Co., England.
1. The Annunciation. 2. The Virgin Mary (The Salutation). 3. The Presentation.
4. The Adoration. 5. The flight into Egypt. 6. The carpenter's shop.
7. The Temptation. 8. The woman of Samaria. 9. Blessing little children.
10. Christ praying in the garden of Gethsemane. 11. At the Sepulchre. 12. The Resurrection.
The life of Christ: second series.
A set of twelve slides made by Theobald & Co., England.
1. The adoration of the shepherds. 2. The adoration of the wise men. 3. The flight into Egypt.
4. Jesus in the Temple with the doctors. 5. The sermon on the mount. 6. The entry into Jerusalem.
7. The Betrayal in the garden. 8. Jesus condemned to die. 9. The Crucifixion, soldiers casting lots for the garment.
10. The burial. 11. The frightened soldiers gazing at the rising Saviour.
12. The astonished disciples witnessing the ascending of Christ.
The Life of Christ / Jesus.

Another series of twelve magic lantern slides about the life of Jesus. The maker of these slides is unknown. Most slides also have a few extra, small, images. The total number of images is therefore 12 plus 21 is 33.
Eyegraphic Set Bible Slides - Adam to Paul.
The maker of this comprehensive wonderful set of slides is Antonia Frederick Futterer, an eclectic religious adventurer, often referred to as the man who inspired the fictional film hero Indiana Jones. His house was a centre for Bible study in the early 20th century and a repository of treasures that he amassed while travelling the Middle East on a search for the Ark of the Covenant. He never found the Ark but his collection of artefacts is expansive.

Futterer was born in Australia in 1871. He never finished his elementary schooling but worked for his father's business of weaving cane furniture.  As the Australian gold rush escalated in the 1890s Futterer moved to Western Australia to dig for treasures. During his journey he became sick, and he almost died of appendicitis. While in agony, Futterer made a wager with God: 'God, if you let me live, I keep your commandments.' Futterer traveled Australia preaching to anyone who would listen. He even invented a sort of projection device that could display images of bible scenes he coloured by hand. His method was contained in the book "Futterer's Eye-Ographic Holyland Bible Travelogue Rapid Visual System," which was published in 1918. He eventually settled in Los Angeles, and in 1924 he founded the Holyland Bible Knowledge Society in Edendale.

Futterer died in 1949. His home in L.A. which he named the Holyland Exhibition was turned into a museum.

Size of the slides: 4" x 3 1/4" (circa 8 x 10 cm). The complete set contains of hundreds of slides so this is only a small part of it. All slides are labelled at one side:

'Eyegraphic Set Bible Slides Adam to Paul. A.F. Futterer, 2279 Allessandro St. Los Angeles Cal. U.S.' The slides are also numbered.

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