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part 3.
Just a lot of magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories.
Het leven van Jezus (Life of Jesus).
A beautiful series of lantern slides by the glass painter J.W.H.C. (Jacob Willem Hendrik Christiaan) van Staveren, who lived in Gouda, the Netherlands. Only a few slides are numbered so I sometimes had to guess at the order. I have placed them in chronological order as much as possible, which made it useful for me to visit the School with the Bible in my childhood.
All slides have a small label with the name of Van Staveren; slides with a round image have a triangular label in the corner, the rectangular have an oblong label next to the image. Sometimes the J of the name is hidden under the paper border. The name of the slide was written by hand on a second small label.The slides are about the story of the birth and the crucifixion of Jesus.
Aankondiging geboorte. Maria bij Elisabeth. Bethlehem.
Jozef in den stal (alleen Jozef?) Aanbidding der Engelen. Herders in 't veld.
Nazareth. Herders in den stal. Wijzen uit het Oosten.
Wijzen uit het Oosten. Vlucht naar Egypte. Kindermoord.
Opdracht. Terugkeer in Jeruzalem. 12-jarige Jezus in de tempel.
Panorama Jeruzalem. De goede Herder. Zie ik klop aan!
Jezus' intocht in Jeruzalem. Het H. Avondmaal. Jezus in Getzemané.
De voetwasching. Judas vertrekt voor het verraad. De Hof van Getsemané.
Gevangeneming Getzemané. Jezus voor Kajafas. De verloochening van Petrus.
St Petrus verloochening. Jezus voor Pilates. Jezus en Barabbas.
Jezus voor Herodes. Jezus weggeleid. Jezus bespot.
Zie den Mensch! De geseling. Met doornen gekroond.
Kruiziging Golgotha. Kruiziging. Des Heilands dood.
Afneming van het kruis. Graflegging. Terugkeer van Golgotha.

Van Staveren's dramatic reproduction of 'The Rock of Ages'.

This beautiful and well-known song by Augustus Montaque Toplady was translated in Dutch by Jacqueline van der Waals as 'Vaste Rots van mijn behoud'.
The story goes that the English pastor Toplady was surprised by a storm when he was in a gap in the Mendip Hills. He found a hiding place in an opening in a rock. He wrote the song in 1763; in 1776 it was first published.

The fissure that is believed to have sheltered Toplady is now marked as the 'Rock of Ages', both on the rock itself and on some maps.
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
let me hide myself in Thee;
let the water and the blood,
from thy wounded side which flowed,
be of sin the double cure,
Save from wrath and make me pure.
Magic lantern disc slide made by Jean Schröder (J.S.) Life of Jesus Christ - La Vie de Jesus-Christe, Leben Christi. 6 inches ( 15,25 cm) in diameter. 
Disk-shaped magic lantern slide with 6 images made by Ernst Plank (E.P.). Equipped with a metal edge. The diameter is 6 inches (15.25 cm).

And here is a larger disc-shaped magic lantern slide from E.P. with 8 images.

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