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 part 4.
A rather extensive collection of magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories

The Prodigal Son
Set of twelve square slides made by Theobald & Co., England.
Theobald transfer slide sets.
1. The home of the Prodigal in his father's house. 2. The younger son asks his father to divide the inheritance. 3. He is not long before packing up his goods.
4. He takes his journey into a far country. 5. He is at last reduced to the greatest distress. 6. But this position eventually proves his salvation.
7. A ragged, weary, deplorable looking figure. 8. The loving father and the repentant son. 9. The best robe is brought forth and the fatted calf killed.
10. But the elder son is angry and refuses to go in. 11. Then came his father and entreated him. 12. And they did rejoice and made merry.
The Prodigal Son
Based on the number of slides (13 pieces) this beautiful series could have been made by W.C. Hughes, England, who once made a series of 13 slides with this title.
The Prodigal Son

Four magic lantern slides from a set of eight round slides mounted in a wooden frame, made by T. H. McAllister, Optician New York. Size 10 x 18 cm, 7.5 cm diameter glass.
Finally two separate magic lantern slides, coming from unknown series of 'The Prodigal Son'

God moves in a mysterious way
A set of 6 magic lantern slides after a hymn by the English writer William Cowper (1774), published by the W.M.S.S.U. The text was the last hymn Cowper wrote, shortly before the onset of a depressive period after which he attempted suicide by drowning.
The English manufacturer Riley Brothers produced the same set of slides with the titles: 1. 'His wonders'- Paul and the viper; 2. 'His Designs' - Israelites saved from Pharaoh; 3. 'Clouds big with mercy' - Mordecai's triumph; 4. 'Judge not the Lord' - Daniel delivered; 5. 'Bud may have a bitter taste' - Jacob's lament; 6. 'He will make it plain' - Jacob brought before Pharaoh.
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