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 part 6.
A rather extensive collection of magic lantern slide sets depicting Biblical stories

Life of St Paul

A set of at least 55 square magic lantern slides measuring 8.2 cm x 8.2 cm made by an unknown manufacturer.
Not all slides are shown below, but only a selection of 30 pieces. The other slides were not present in the collection or were less interesting.

Paul was a leader in early Christianity and played a central role in the early development and spread of the Christian gospel in the Mediterranean regions, especially in Asia Minor and Greece. Partly because of Paul's role, Christianity was able to grow into the world religion it is today.
4. Stoning of Stephen 8. Ananias with Paul
9. Saul escapes in a basket 14. Paul and Barnabas before Sergius Paulus
16. Resentment of the Jews at Antioch 18. Offering sacrifices to Paul and Barnabus
19. Paul preaching before the apostles 22. Pauls vision
23. Lydia baptised 24. Paul and the Pythoness
27. Attack on the house of Jason 30. Paul preaching on mars hill
31. Paul, Aquila and Priscilla tent making 32. Corinth in its grandeur 
33. Paul before Gallio 36. Paul in the school of Tyrannus
38. Burning the books 39. The town clerk appeasing to the mob
40. Troas Paul bringing the young man to life 41. Paul paring with the elder at Miletus
43. Jerusalem 44. Paul seized
45. Paul addressing the mob 46. Paul before Ananias
47. Conducted to Caesarea by night 48. Paul before Felix
49. Paul before Agrippa 50. Shipwrecked
54. Paul before Nero
55. ?
King David (supposed title)
15 square magic lantern slides from a larger set about the life of King David. The manufacturer and the sequence of the slides is unknown.

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