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part 5

A rather extensive collection of beautiful life-model sets of
magic lantern slides

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Giants and how to fight them.
1 – Introduction – Jack the Giant-Killer. 2 - Introduction – Now, Take Two Men. 3 – Introduction – But David Did Kill The Giant.
4 – The Giant Heathenism. Chinese Idolatry. 5 – Giant Selfishness. Picking Out The Largest Pie And Cake. 6 – Giant Selfishness. “See, Mother. Here Is A Nice Orange.”
7 – Giant Covetousness. Starving With Hunger And Perishing With Cold. 8 – Giant Covetousness. Learning To Give. 9 – Giant Covetousness. “I’ll Give Him Half The Crown And The Shilling Also.”
10 - Giant Covetousness. He Told The Deacon About His Trouble. 11 - Giant Covetousness. I Shall Now Give This Good Brother Two Guineas. 12 – Giant Ill-temper. One Of The Fingers Goes Into The Corner Of The Mouth.
13 – Giant Ill-temper. They Were Sitting On The Green Before The Door. 14 – Giant Intemperance. A Sorry Spectacle. 15 – Giant Intemperance. Sinbad The Sailor.
16 – Giant Intemperance. This Is The Only Safe Course. This set of slides was, as usually, released in both a black and white, and a colored version.
This set of 16 lantern slides was made by York and Son, England, after the book 'The Giants and how to fight them' by Richard Newton, published around 1870.
Buy your own Cherries.

This slide set is made by York & Sons, England, 1885. The slides are in the 3.25” x 3.25” (8.2 x 8.2 cm) format.
1 – “You touch them if you dare, sir!” 2 – “Yes, sir.” Said the man, and soon placed them in his hands. 3 – He opened the bag of cherries on the bench.
4 – “Well, will you have a glass something short?” 5 - She went to the window. 6 – “I say, guv’nor, what is this laeg of mutton a pound?”
7 – “Come, here’s a leg of mutton for him.” 8 – A plate of nice rosy ripe cherries. 9 – He himself has built a nice row of houses.
This set of 10 glass lantern slides is based on a morality/temperance tale by the same name written by J. W. Kirton and published in 1862. It tells the story of an English carpenter in a pub tempted by drink and cherries that he can not afford. Once he renounces liquor he undergoes a miraculous transformation and is able to buy food, cherries and prosperity for his wife and three children. After its incarnation as a magic lantern show this well-know tale became a silent film in 1904.
10 – Now in a handsome villa. Also published in a black and white version.
Buy your own Cherries (2)
About ten series of magic lantern slides have been produced after the story 'Buy your own Cherries'. This is the second on this site. It is not certain that the slides have been placed in the correct order or whether the series is complete.
Newsboy's Debt
A set of 12 magic lantern slides made by York & Son, England, after a poem by Hannah R. Hudson (c. 1887).
1. I saw a tiny, ill-clad boy 2. At last he stopped 3. Papers, sir? The 'Evening News!'
4. Here's a crown 5. I sought my office desk again 6. And so I took my homeward way
7. An urchin entered, barely seven 8. He got runned over, up the street 9. They took him to the hospital
10. He made me fetch his jacket here 11. No, no, my boy! take back the coat 12. The boy is dead

The Promise of Life.
Set of 12 magic lantern slides made by Bamforth & Co., England, 1904.
1. Introduction, with Title. 2. There is no song of all our hearts are singing.
3. There is no rose of all the year is bringing. 4. There is no garden but some weed encloses.
5. Yet still we sing and gather earth's bright roses. 6. Sing on, Oh heart, although the tears may glisten.
7. There are no eyes whose light has ne'er been blinded. 8. There is no heart that has not been reminded.
9. There is no life that hath not held some sorrow. 10. Still our eyes smile, our hearts pray for to-morrow.
Unfortunately, the last slide of this set is missing.

Bamforth produced this set of lantern slides after a song by Clifton Bingham and Frederic H. Cowen, The Promise of Life (London: Boosey & Co., 1893).

This set was released in 1904; six years later a completely new version appeared.

The set of slides shown here was probably also released in two variations: one with a mat that covered a part of the image (plates 4, 5, 9, and 10) and one without mats.
11. Smile on, sweet eyes, although the pathway darkens. 12. Earth is not all, His angels ever hearken. (n.a.)
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