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part 6.
This item includes words or images that may be racially or otherwise offensive. They are included here as historical reproductions from a different period with different standards, and do not indicate any support or approval of such ideas and statements by the webmaster/author of this site.
They show the role that non-western figures often played in magic lantern stories and the way they were depicted on the slides.

By the skin of his teeth.
A set of four square magic lantern slides made by an unknown manufacturer.

'Skin of my teeth' is a phrase from the Bible. In Job 19:20 the Bible says: 'My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth'. In modern times 'by the skin of .... teeth' is used to describe a situation from which one has barely managed to escape.
The Heathen Chinese.
Not only black people were sometimes depicted in an unattractive way. This set, made by an unknown manufacturer shows a Chinese cardsharp, who is punished by all those present in the pup.

And this is a long magic lantern slide made by Gebrüder Bing Nürnberg (G.B.N.) as # 11 of a set of twelve.

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