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Made by the Eastman Kodak Co. in Rochester, New York. Inside the tin box you will find a booklet that has actual colour pigment on waxed paper and instructions on how to use it to colour photographic magic lantern slides.

Directions for Coloring Lantern Slides.

The coloring of lantern slides requires considerable practice and care in order to secure the most satisfactory results. The process is a very delicate one, calling for the careful handling of the gelatin-coated plates and good judgment in selecting and laying on the colors. However, the amateur should not be deterred from taking up the fascinating work, for it can be successfully accomplished with Velox Transparent Water Color Stamps because of the ease with which they may be handled and because of their brilliancy, wonderful blending, and transparent qualities.

Select lantern slides that are free from defects and are of average density, with good, sharp detail and clear, transparent appearance.
The shadows in the picture must not be muddy nor should they be absolutely transparent, for some detail should show even in their darkest parts.
Use the same sizes of brushes advised for Velox prints.
TOL-SIM (c.1900)

Perhaps not quite a do-it-yourself article, but something in between. The sets were made in France and consisted of an image holder, made of two glass plates of c. 8 x 9 cm, hinging joined by a piece of linen adhesive tape, some series of images, printed on a translucent cellophane paper, and the accompanying booklets with readings.

The transparent images could be placed between the two glass plates, and thus entirely shifted into the slide holder of a magic lantern to be projected.

The 'Séries Comiques' consists of 21 series of six images each, describing a comical story. Sold for '1 fr. 50 la Série de 6 Vues'. Some other series are 'La Jalousie d'un frère', 'La Maison de Jéhovah', 'Famille modèlle', and 'L'histoire de France en mille tableaux'. Last series was 120 fr. in black and white and 180 fr. in colour. It was also possible to subscribe to the series for 5 fr. monthly.
SERIES COMIQUES TOL-SIM - Série 2: Une bonne soupe. A delicious soup.


The ink in this set was used to colour photographs, engravings, postcards, prints and..... magic lantern slides.

The box measures 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) long.
Made by Johnson & Sons, Hendon Way, Hendon, London N.W.4.

An original box of magic lantern slide oil paints, produced by W. Tylar, Birmingham, England. The box measures 4 1/2" X 3 1/4" (11.5 x 7 cm).

Radio-Mats made by the Radio-Mat Slide Company Daytona Beach Florida and distributed by Burke & James, Inc. Chicago 4, Ill.  Colour white.

For making advertisement slides for projection at local opera houses and theatres. To be used on any typewriter or type machine with a removed ribbon.
The ‘Primus All-Size’ kit was made by famous camera manufacturer Ensign and comprises a template, pack of All-Size masks plus some sheets of glass.


This set of 50 old magic lantern slide mats has a nice decoration around the edge, and the former owners name too, C. E.Griesman. Mats are suitable for 3 1/4" x 4" slides and the inside opening is 2 1/2" x 3".

Books and booklets.


(Left) Cover of a booklet with instructions about glass painting, Painting on Glass, by A.N. Rintoul; published by Brodie & Middleton, 79 Long Acre, London, ca 1876.

Booklet entitled Lantern Slides and how to make them with illustration on the cover. 28 pages; not dated.
How to Paint Magic Lantern Slides
in water, oil or varnish colours.
Transparency Painting
on cloth.

by A N Rintoul

published by Brodie & Middleton 79, Long Acre LONDON WC

Stitched bound, 32 pages, 7" x 4.75" (18 x 12 cm) plus advertisements.
Contents include:
  • Colour
  • Indispensables for glass painting in water colours
  • The second painting
  • Painting on glass in oil and varnish colours
  • Painting transparencies on cloth
  • To transfer the sketch to cloth
  • Specimen of the outlines on glass

Lantern Slides and How to Make Them.
In this educational old soft bound book with copyright of October 1949 Author Esther Brooks wrote the instructions on How to Make these old Glass Magic Lantern treasures. (38 pages)

(Left) A 64 page booklet from 1896 titled Lantern Slides, Their Production and Use with some lovely adverts.
(Right) Ilford lantern plates and how to use them, a 35 page booklet that dates from around 1900.

(Left) How To Make KEYSTONE Handmade Lantern Slides by G E Hamilton. 20 page booklet 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches (14 x 21.5 cm). Copyright 1934 by The Keystone View Company, Meadville, Penna. Complete instructions how to make your own Magic Lantern Slides.
(Right) Lantern Slides and how to make them. Photofacts number 16, 1950.
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