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Joyeux Noël

Merry Christmas
Fröhliche Weihnachten
Feliz Navidad


Gorgeous glass magic lantern slide mounted in a wooden frame, beautifully coloured, labelled on the edge of the frame "THE NATIVITY." Slide is c. 11.5 x 17 cm.

A magnificent set of two dissolving views, mounted in mahogany frames. The slides show the harrowing difference between the lives of the rich and the poor. The slides are labelled at one side of the frame. The printed text reads respectively 'Dissolving Views, - Christmas Evening - The Happy Home' and 'Dissolving Views, - Christmas Evening - Homeless'.


No. 1.- It was winter time, and a real old fashioned winter too. The snow had been falling, and everything was covered with a beautiful white mantle. It was night time; the moon was shining brightly. The windows of the houses are bright with the glare from the log-wood fires, and outside one of the largest houses in the village stood some well wrapped up figures, singing, "God bless ye, merrie gentlemen, let nothing you dismay." Why, bless me, it must be Christmas-eve. Of course it is, and look over there, away yonder in the distance, by the big forest, what is that?

No. 2.- An old gentleman in a massive dark red coat, with a long white beard, a large sack over his shoulder, and a big cap over his head. Whatever can he be doing this time of the night, and won't he catch cold in his old limbs? Not he! Don't you know who he is? It is old Santa Claus, the friend of boys and girls everywhere. This is his special night of all the year, and he is going to try and make a happy Christmas for all the youngsters, far and near. Just watch him and see.
Set of twelve 3 1/4" square magic lantern slides.
Original reading.

SANTA CLAUS. One of a set of twelve lantern slides, made by the German Gebrüder Bing, Nuremberg (B.W.), c. 1900. Decalcomania. Click here for the complete set.
Tommy Small & Pudding Big. Six beautiful British square magic lantern slides telling the story of the little Tommy who cannot resist the seduction of a giant Christmas Plum pudding. Oh oh Tommy, what will mother say?
Winter scene. One of a set of twelve lantern slides, made by the German firm Ernst Plank (E.P.), Nuremberg, c. 1900. Father Christmas is knocking at the door.


This is one of a large set about the life of Christ. This slide shows Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus on the flight into Egypt or maybe returning from Bethlehem. This painting was done by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).  Slide is 3 1/4" x 3 1/4 (8.2 x 8.2 cm).


In the Snowdrift
A Christmas Story.

Set of 19 slides with life models made by Bamford, England, around 1890 for projection in conjunction with the song by M.S. Haycraft and Miss Spicer (arr. Joseph Newsome, 'In the snowdrift' (Morley, Yorkshire: J. Newsome, n.d.).

The set shown above is not complete and is actually a mix of two incomplete sets.
'Wife,' said John, 'it was a different sort of Christmas for us last year'.


1. 'George, have you heard the motto teacher gave us last night?'.
2. 'But I must be off,' said Tommy, lifting up a bundle of trousers.
3. The mother was the only bread-winner of the family.
4. Tommy wended his way through the fog and snow.
5. The poor mother trembled as the storm of abuse fell upon her.
6. 'Father, I can't steal,' he said, steadfastly.
7. The father struck the child with his clenched fist.
8. He thrust the boy out into the cold.
9. Tommy sank down in the shelter of an archway.
10. His mother was praying for him at home.


11. A policeman came across the little form and tried to rouse the child.
12. John Bristow roused from his stupor, miserable and despairing.
13. He stood by the little bed in the hospital.
14. The father signed the pledge while Tom lay on the bed in the hospital.
15. 'Remember, Bristow, He only can keep you from falling'.
16 .Around a cosy cottage fire gathers a quiet happy little party.
17. Tom and George are choir boys now.
18. Bristow's heart echoes the earnest words of the preacher.
19. 'Wife,' said John, 'it was a different sort of Christmas for us last year'.


Santa Claus reading letters, laughs.

This old booklet belongs to the beautiful series magic lantern slides 'Story of the very first Christmas'. The booklet measures 5 x 7 inches (12,5 x 18 cm), is copyrighted 1915 by Chas M. Stebbins, written by Charlotte F. Wilder, and has 62 pages pictures and narratives for the 36 hand coloured slides in the series.

The slides measure 3,25 x 4 inches (c. 8 x 10 cm).


Magic Lantern Slide by the American manufacturer T.H. McALLISTER from their Economic Series.


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